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Hockey: Boston University v. Whitby

By David F. Pendrys

BOSTON, MA- In exhibition action Saturday, the Boston University Terriers defeated the Whitby Wolves 6-0 in a tune up for the season.

BU’s scoring started when Maddie Elia got in front of the goal, moved across it, and flicked it past the keeper for goal number one. Rebecca Leslie picked up an assist as well.

Later, on the power play Sammy Davis put in a rebound from right in front for goal number two assisted by Nina Rodgers and Samantha Sutherland.

Elia’s second goal seemed kind of fluky when she flicked it at the goaltender in front of the net, and she seemed to have it but apparently not as it crossed the line either after she shifted or it was already on its way in. Victoria Bach and Leslie assisted her this time.

The fourth tally came on the power play when Davis teed it up from the point past the keeper assisted by Savannah Newton.

A fifth score came about on an offensive sweep as Elia fed it to Rebecca Leslie perfectly and she outmaneuvered the goalie to find open net. Also assisting on the play was Sarah Steele.

Elia’s final goal on the power play came when a loose puck slid to her and she knocked it under the pads of the goaltender quickly for the hat trick. Mary Parker, the recent arrival from Harvard, and Bach notched assists. Elia is a recent draft pick of the Buffalo Beauts of the NWHL joining a long list of Terriers drafted by either the NWHL or CWHL.

“The kids were moving the puck. They were unselfish and people finished at the net,” BU Head Coach Brian Durocher said in post game comments.

BU’s Victoria Hanson, Erin O’Neil, and Ashlyn Aiello all played in net for one period but faced barely any shots in the shutout. Hanson had 4 saves, and O’Neil and Aiello both 2. Whitby’s Rachel McQuigge faced 18 shots and made 14 saves. Makenzy Arsenault faced 20 shots and made 18 saves as the two split the duties.

Durocher noted that Victoria Hanson and Erin O’Neil will platoon. “I would love for someone to step forward and tell me they’re the number one goalie.” He is closely monitoring the save percentage of both goalies.

Looking forward to the season Durocher commented on the team’s status.

“I think we’ve got enough firepower to score. We did it last year and we just didn’t take care of business at the other end of the ice so we really have to be better in that area and if we are I think you’ll see a improved team,” Durocher said though added later he was concerned about the depth on special teams due to a lack of experience and he is hoping opportunities will allow that to grow.

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Maddie Elia also commented on the team’s prospects:

“I think we’re pretty balanced right now. We’ve got good people on D, good people on forward. I don’t think one side is better than the other right now.”

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Noticed Plays (These are by no means an exhaustive stat list but instead plays that might not make the score sheet but were noticed. A player could conceivably have dozens more of any play, but it is what is observed.)

Boston University Terriers

Clears and Zone Exits:

  • Maddie Elia had a least two, Victoria Bach took it end to end to start an offensive effort, and Connor Galway brought it out as well.
  • On the Penalty Kill, Bach and Rebecca Leslie brought it out for a short handed chance, Galway and Leslie each had one clearing effort, as did Alexis Crossley and Alexandra Calderone.

Steals, Interceptions & Disruptions:

  • Maddie Elia steal had at least three including one on a Whitby zone entry attempt.
  • Sammy Davis had at least two steals in the Whitby zone for opportunities.
  • Deziray De Sousa stole the puck in the middle of the ice to end a Whitby effort to drive.
  • Victoria Bach’s steal in the center of the ice initiated a BU chance. She also intercepted a Whitby puck in the middle of the surface at another point.
  • Nina Rodgers, Anna Streifel, Rebecca Leslie all had at least one steal as well.
  • Savannah Newton had at least a steal and also intercepted a Whitby attempt at a clearing pass, and disrupted another of their drives.
  • Sarah Steele in an appropriate team stole the puck to stop a Wolves movement down the ice. Steele also deflected a Wolves pass.
  • Galway got to a loose puck to advance it along.
  • Mary Grace Kelley harassed the Whitby deep in their own end on a penalty kill.


  • Elia not surprisingly showed some great stick handling. She also worked to keep the puck in the Whitby zone in an instance prolonging the Terrier effort.
  • Steele had a break away and a shot, she also kept the puck within the blue line on a power play and also during even strength action.

Whitby Wolves

Clears and Zone Exits:

  • Emily DiDanielli got it out of the Whitby defensive zone at least three times.
  • Adrianna Noble had at least two including when she pushed BU out of her zone.
    Alicia Pallister also exited the puck at least twice.
  • Kristy Millson and Nicole Hegyi combined to got it out of their zone.
    Kaity Howarth and Maggie MacEachern sent it out of their end at least once.
  • Brook McQuigge had to fight to exit the Wolves area but she succeeded.
  • Makayla Mori cleared it while killing a penalty, and Danielle Fox and a teammate teamed up to get the puck out on another PK.
  • Claire O’Donoghue disrupted BU allowing a teammate to move the puck out.

Steals, Interceptions & Disruptions:

  • Claire O’Donoghue stole it in the BU zone once to start a new attack, and had at least one other steal. She also whacked the puck away from a BU player in her own zone. Brook McQuigge had an offensive steal in the Terrier zone as well.
  • Danielle Fox and Maggie MacEachern each stole the puck in the Wolves end depriving BU of more scoring chances.
  • Makayla Mori and Emily DiDanielli also had
  • Kristy Millson disrupted a BU 2 on 1 prevent more scoring.
  • Brooklyn Bastarche interrupted a puck sending it elsewhere.
  • Kristy Millson and Kaity Howarth each intercepted the puck at least once.

Blocks: Maggie MacEachern and Claire O’Donoghue each had at least one blocked shot.

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