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Soccer: Hartford v. Fordham

By David F. Pendrys

WEST HARTFORD, CT- In a non-conference meeting Sunday afternoon, the Fordham Rams held the Hartford Hawks to just one goal on the way to a 2-1 victory. With the win the Rams rose to 5-1-1 on the season. The Hawks dropped to 5-2-0 but have yet to begin conference play.

The match pitted two senior goaltenders as Megan Fitzgerald of Fordham faced her opposite Jessica Jurg.

Fordham’s first goal came when the Rams went at the side of the Hartford net, but a heads up dive by a Hawk blocked the effort. However the ball bounced loose and was knocked in by Margaret Roughley at 41:34 in the first.

A few minutes into the second half the Rams utilized a corner kick to send the ball sailing into the goal zone. In the ensuing scrum Jurg couldn’t get to the ball before Nicole Bates pushed it lightly into the net. An assist went to Brooke Salmon.

Hartford got back into the game at 67:04 when 67:04 Kaila Lozada raced it down the field and fed it across to Aaliyah Ingram who outmaneuvered the defender and the goalie to score it.

That would be all the scoring though as Fordham really held Hartford from setting up to many opportunities, though Hartford also had a few shots go wide or over the net. Fordham took 9 shots total and 3 on goal. Hartford took 5 shots and 2 went on net. Fitzgerald and Jurg each had 1 save.

Noticed Plays: (A non exhaustive list of non-scoring plays. There could be a ton more. These are just what is noticed in an effort to note plays that otherwise might not make the score sheet.)


Steals and Disruptions:

  • Caitlin Smallfield knocked it out of bounds to blunt a Fordham attack. She had a steal later.
  • Sierra Stone had at least 2. Skylar Vitiello and Aaliyah Ingram had at least one.


  • Caitlin Smallfield ran down a Fordham pass in the Hawks zone and got it to Jurg. Aaliyah Ingram ran down a ball as well at one point.
  • Caroline Massey disrupted a Rams setup and intercepted a pass later.
  • Katie Connolly had at least 2 including one in her zone and also blocked a pass. Kylie Hoang, Hayley Nolan, Julia Carr, Tori Tripp all had at least one.


  • Caitlin Smallfield, Skylar Vitiello, and Kylie Hoang all had at least one.


  • Hayley Nolan showed great ball handling on several occasions. At another point Katie Connolly effectively evaded the Fordham D with some great footwork.


Steals and Disruptions:

  • Nicol Natale had at least 2 and drove a Hawk out of bounds.
  • Brianna Blunck had at least 3 and bounced the ball off a Hartford player out of bounds.
  • Nicole Bates had at least 2 in her zone and Clara Gastaldi had at least two. Lane Cronin and Carlie Wagner had at least one. Margaret Roughley had at least one as well and blocked a Hartford kick at midfield.
  • Ally Doyle disrupted a critical Hartford centering pass. Earlier, Brooke Salmon disrupted a pass allowing recovery.


  • Brooke Salmon had at least 3 including a header and got to a loose ball depriving Hartford of it.
  • Natalie Sims also picked up at least 3 including a header. Nicole Bates snagged at least 2 including a header herself.
  • Ally Doyle picked up 2 including a header and got to a long Hartford goalie kick to take possession and Nicol Natale got in the way of Hartford pass.
  • Morgan Busacca, Brianna Blunck, Lane Cronin and Rachel Collage all had at least 1.


  • Brianna Blunck had at least 3. Brooke Salmon and Rachel Collage each notched at least 2.
  • Natalie Sims and Nicole Bates cleared it at least once.


  • Nicole Bates fed Nicole Natale nicely at one point though no score resorted. Natale would provide a good set up herself but it also did not lead to points. Sydney White at one instance showed some solid ball handling to move things along.




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