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Soccer: Assumption v. SCSU

By David F. Pendrys [Statistics to be added when posted by SCSU Athletics]

NEW HAVEN, CT- The Southern Connecticut Owls tied the game at the 87th minute to stay alive Saturday afternoon, but the Assumption Greyhounds notched the final tally in overtime to take the 3-2 win. Gabrielle Arruda was in goal for the Owls and Emily Kuzma was in net for the visitors.

Assumption took an early lead six minutes in when Amanda Arnold fed Kallie Villemaire on the run and she beat the keeper 1-0.

It would be the 41st minute before Victoria Buonanni tied it on on a penalty shot after a SCSU drive ended in about three Assumption players being called for a foul.

Assumption regained the lead at the 51st minute when Arnold stole the ball from the SCSU defense who had failed to close on it and shot it over the goalie. SCSU worked hard to get back into it but with less than 3 minutes in the game Victoria Conde took a free kick from the side of the goal and Christine Allard lunged forward heading it in to to tie the game.

The result brought both teams to overtime, but Arnold would strike again when the ball seemed to be under the control of a group of SCSU defenders. The Assumption player rushed forward suddenly stunning the field, stealing the ball and kicking it high and over and goaltender for the win.

SCSU falls to 0-3-1 and 0-1 in conference and Assumption rises to 2-1, and 1-0 in conference.

Noticed Plays (This is an attempt to note plays other than scoring plays. It is not exhaustive, it is merely what is noticed in the course of game play.)


Steals and Disruptions:

  • Deanna Ryan disrupted a pass so the goaltender could get it, later in the game she stopped an opposing drive in its tracks.
  • Victoria Conde, Marisa Grisell, Giavanna Colaccino had at least 2 and Kelly Lamb got to an errant ball.
  • Johanna Wahlen knocked it out of bounds to stop the Assumption drive, she later blocked a kick attempt. She also drove an Assumption player out of bounds so SCSU had a goalie kick.
  • Goalie Gabrielle Arruda jumped to get a ball when in a crowd on an Assumption kick.


  • Olivia Holubecki had at least 3, Giavanna Colaccino had at least 2, and Christine Allard and Kieran DeBiase had at least 1.


  • Johanna Wahlen, Brianna Casey had at least one, and Victoria Conde had one that led to an offensive effort.
  • Deanna Ryan and Olivia Holubecki each had intercepts which led to an immediate clear.

Interceptions in Their Zone:

  • Deanna Ryan had at least one and also later she blocked a pass.
  • Taylor Moore and Marisa Grisell had some as well.


  • Victoria Buonanni had good setup and pass though a goal did not come of it. Much later she used great ball handling to evade a defender and launch a centering pass.
  • Brooke Davis had a good opportunity, Victoria Conde fought for a chance and Olivia Holubecki had a good drive up the field.
  • Caroline Staudle fed Brianna Casey very well but it didn’t result in a goal.


Steals and Disruptions:

  • Nikki Callini had at least one and another on a SCSU drive and Kallie Villemaire stopped the Owls herself.
  • Emily MacDonald had at least one, and then blocked a shot with a teammate.
  • Jessica Fitzgerald had at least 2, Jaclyn Tomasello had at least one, Ania Spina stole it and cleared it and Emily Hill stole it in her own zone.
  • Kelsey Pietruska and Sammy Ferrera combined to stop an Owls effort.


  • Kelsey Pietruska and Nikki Callini had at least one.


  • Jessica Fitzgerald blocked a second chancer after SCSU blasted a free kick off the Assumption wall.
  • Ania Spina, Sammy Ferrera, Rachel Elliot, Emily MacDonald all at least had one.
  • Sammy Ferrera and Kelsey Pietruska had at least one in their own zone.


  • Kallie Villemaire had some solid breaks, Amanda Arnold had a good set up in addition to her goals and fought for a shot at another juncture.

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