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Soccer: Yale v. Iona

By David F. Pendrys

NEW HAVEN, CT- The Yale Bulldogs and Iona Gaels went the full distance Sunday to a 1-1 draw. Yale took 30 shots with 14 going on net. Iona took only 3 total with only 2 reaching the goal itself.

Despite Yale putting a ton of pressure on Iona it was Mariana Jaramillo of the Gaels who launched a shot from far outside the box over the head of Yale goaltender Maritza Grillo at 16:47. As assist when Christine Rebus.

In the second half Grillo would be replaced by Alyssa Fagel, and Fagel herself would be replaced by Jane Buckley at the 70 minute mark.

After Iona had 2 shots (and only one on goal) in the first half, Yale didn’t let the visitors get off a shot on them in the second half. The Bulldogs continued to try to score with numerous chances including various kick opportunities which proved to be not. With less than five minutes left in the game, Keri Cavallo launched the ball down field to Aerial Chavarin who got past the defenders for a clear look on net. She outmaneuvered Iona’s Tiffany Martinez and knocked it in on the ground to tie it.

Yale was able to get 5 shots out and 2 on net during the overtimes, but Iona did do a fairly good job keeping their chances minimal. Iona however managed just one shot total.

Martinez made 13 saves. Grillo and Buckley were the only two Yale keepers of the three to face shots. Buckley made 1 save, Grillo none.

Yale moves to 3-1-1 with the draw. Iona ends up at 0-5-1.

Additional noticed plays: (These are noticed plays that don’t result in a goal and such. As action on the field is constant it is not exhaustive. A player may have many more plays than noted. This is an experimental way of relating results. Still seeing if it works.)


  • Carlin Hudson intercepted several Iona efforts including using a header.
  • Noelle Higginson used a header to intercept a throw in.
  • Colleen McCormack had at least one interception and Sarah McCauley intercepted an opposition pass setup.

Steals and Disruptions:

  • McCormack had a steal, also she had a clear, and also disrupted an attack.
  • Hudson had at least 3 steals, Higginson had at least 3 including one during an Iona break.
  • McCauley whapped a ball out of bounds and later disrupted an Iona pass.
  • Hudson disrupted the Gaels, stole the ball at a later time, and also cleared it at another point.
  • Higginson and McCormack combined to steal the ball during action.
  • Cavallo had at least a steal.


  • Cavallo used some good ball handling to set up a shot.
  • Meg Byfield launched a good corner kick. At other points she drove in and set up opportunities well.
  • McCauley and Chavarin worked well together on an attempt but the goalie made a save.
  • Chavarin moved in at one point but the goaltender made a save as well. She had multiple solid attempts.
  • Kirsten Lobben got in position but was thwarted by the keeper.
  • McCormack setup Chavarin at another point. McCormack used quality handling in other instances.
  • McCauley won a joust on a free kick at mid field to get possession.
  • Geneva Decker had solid movement down the field during one sequence.
  • Michelle Alozie setup Decker well during one of many Yale approaches to the goal.



  • Julia Campagna had several interceptions.
  • Megan Wood deflected a pass with her head.
  • Christine Rebus, Wood and Marissa Dundas blocked a shot collectively.
  • Tamara McCarthy disrupted a pass.
  • Kiri Dale also was noted thwarting a Yale setup.
  • Dundas got her head in front of Yale passes several times.
  • Emily Hansen intercepted a ball and cleared it among many times she intercepted passes. Later she blocked a kick.
  • Rebus intercepted a centering pass, and another time headed the ball away from its intended target.
  • Marisa Bentley also stopped a Bulldog pass.

Steals & Disruptions:

  • Dundas cleared the ball a few times, and disrupted Yale’s attack others.
  • Campagna had a steal, harassed on a Bulldog forcing her to change tact, later cleared it once, also disrupted a pass.
  • Jaramillo got to an opposing kick.
  • Rebus had several steals, knocked a pass of course and had clear.
  • Sara Mangialardi also had a steal.
  • Dale cleared it, also disrupted pass, stole the ball in her zone multiple times depriving Yale of a shot, had another clear, and another steal later.
  • Hansen defense pushed Yale to bad angle. Later she upturned another opposing effort, cleared it out of the zone later, stole the ball in her zone even later, and have several more clears.
  • McCarthy drove Yale out of bounds, had a few steals and at least one clear.
  • Charlotte Stuart knocked it out of bounds to disrupt Yale’s momentum and had a least one clear.
  • Bentley had a clear and a steal.
  • Rebus and Dale teamed up to steal and get the ball out of danger.
  • Crispin stole it from an opponent and fed it up to Bentley.
  • Martinez deflected a corner kick away as one of her many saves.
  • Wood pushed Yale out of bounds as they came down the line.


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