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Gymnastics: Penn v. Bridgeport

By David F. Pendrys [Full Results from Penn]

PHILADELPHIA, PA- The Penn Quakers finished out Senior Day with a 191.825 Saturday afternoon. Visiting Bridgeport picked up a 193.65 in their second meet of the weekend

UB’s Kimberly Stewart scored a 9.8 to win Vault. Penn’s Morgan Venuti flew to a 9.725 for second. Bridgeport’s Rachel DiCarlo as well as Penn’s Ally Podsednik and Emily Paterson had 9.625s.

Kyra Levi of Penn and Christine Liautaud of UB scored 9.775s to win Bars. Brielle Wilchuck and Maritza Futch of Bridgeport swung to 9.75s in second place. In third place Kelsey Campbell of UB, and Amber Hu of Penn placed third with 9.7.

Brianna Comport and Carol Chiles of Bridgeport scored a 9.875 to win Beam. Elyse Shenberger of the Quakers held steady for a 9.725. Nicole Swirlbalus and Kelly Tan of Penn placed third with 9.7s.

Alex Harke of Penn won Floor with her 9.825. Comport and Penn’s Rachel Graham scored 9.8s for second. Venuti and Carissa Lim picked up 9.75s for the home team.

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