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NAIGC Gymnastics: Yale Hosts Invite

By David F. Pendrys (Full Meet Results from Yale Club Gymnastics)

HAMDEN, CT- On Saturday afternoon the Yale Club Gymnastics team honored the late Don Tonry with an invitational which drew men’s and women’s teams from up and down the eastern seaboard. On the men’s side Yale hosted MIT Competitive, MIT Recreational, Syracuse, Binghamton, Penn, Cambridge Community, and an NAIGC Alum. On the women’s side, in addition to the Bulldogs, MIT, Binghamton, Penn, Rutgers, the University of Rhode Island, Cambridge Community, Sacred Heart, and Navy all competed. URI and Rutgers each fielded two teams.

In the NAIGC, the teams are more focused on fun. The skill levels vary, but the environment is looser compared to varsity meets, which have their own fun but it’s a more competitive situation. The teams are encouraging of each other, and could be found to be applauding and cheering other competitors. The meet began in the Men’s Gym at New Era Gymnastics and after that competition wrapped up, the event moved to the Women’s Gym. The men’s meet had plenty of gymnasts, but the women’s meet packed the venue with teams rotating through the four events happening simultaneously.

Routine Video Playlist: 

[As a note, due to the filming location there was unavoidable blocked shots in many instances, that were either left intact or removed via editing. Unfortunately Beam and Vault were especially obstructed resulting in very few Vault videos and hit or miss on beam. Floor was also difficult do the small space requiring teams to stand along it. Apologies.]

[Videos are temporarily down due to issues with the host.]

Results Summary:

The full results of the meet are located at the link at the top of the page, but here are some of the highlights score wise, though it shouldn’t detract from the overall spectacle and achievements of everyone who competed.

Men’s Meet:

MIT Competitive won the meet with a 214.90, Yale placed second with a 198.2, and Syracuse was third with a 188.1. The MIT Recreational Team, Cambridge Community Gymnastics, Penn, and Binghamton put up individual competitors but not enough gymnasts for a full team score. Alexander Volberding of the NAIGC Alumni also competed.

Will White of MIT Competitive won the All Around with his 77.4, Phillip Arndt of Yale scored a 72.5

for second, and Julia Sharpe of MIT Competitive scored a 70.10 for third.

Top team scorers included Phil Sheehan of Syracuse’s with a 55.9, Volberding scored a 54.8. Ben Rudolph and Eric Petersen of Cambridge Community Gymnastics scored 54.1s, Anthony McHugh was first among MIT Recreational Gymnasts with his 44.7. Brandon Epstein had a 34.2 to lead Penn and Dylan Poulos scored a 25.0 for Binghamton.

White won Vault with a 13.00. Brandon Epstein of Penn scored a 12.6 for second and Arndt’s 12.3 acquired him third.

Poulos had Binghamton’s top score of 12.1. Syracuse’s best score came from Sheehan’s 11.7. Eric Petersen few to a 11.1 for CCG, Pablo Golac had a 11 for Penn and Volberding landed a 10.5.

Rudolph and White tied for first on Parallel Bars with their 13.1 and Julia Sharpe had a 12.8 for third.

Arndt scored a 12.7 to lead Yale while Petersen had CCG’s high of 12.3. Volberding swung to a 11.9, leading him to celebrate netting above eleven. Sam Whitney picked up the top Syracuse score of 11.5 and Anthony McHugh put up an 10.8 for MIT Recreational.

Rudolph’s 14.2 on Horizontal Bar was not only first, but earned while no other competitors were performing allowing the entire gym to focus on his efforts, leading to a rousing clap when he finished. White scored a 12.9 for second, and Julia Sharpe had a 12.0 for third.

Arndt’s 11.6 was first among Bulldogs. Epstein lead Penn and Joel Lubinitsky lead Syracuse’s as both scored 10’s. Kevin Foley had a 9.1 for first among MIT’s Rec team and Volberding had a 8.8.

On Floor, Julia Sharpe took first with her 13.7, edging White’s 13.5, and Nate Sharpe’s 13.1.

Arndt led Yale with a 13.0, Poulos had Binghamton’s best score of 12.9 and Matt Lobenhofer was first among Syracuse gymnasts with a 12.6. Petersen’s 12.5 was first for CCG, McHugh’s 11.7 topped MIT Recreational, Nickhil Nabar lead Penn with his 11.65 and Volberding posted a 9.7.

Rudolph took Pommel Horse with a 12.5. Arndt and White put up 11.5s to tie for third. Sheehan had Syracuse’s best of 9.5 and Nabar netted Penn’s top score of 7.4.

On the Rings, Rudolph won first place with a 14.3, White scored a 13.4, and Nate Sharpe placed third with a 13.0. Lubinitsky’s 12.4 was first for the Orange, Jeff Gilmour had Yale’s best tally of 11.6, and Epstein netted a 11.6 for Penn. Ben Chrobot and McHugh had 10.4s for MIT Rec’s top score and Volberding earned a 10.

Women’s Meet:

Rhode Island A won the meet with a 144.05, Sacred Heart was second with a 131.55, and Rutgers A scored a 128.60 for third. Rhode Island B was a close fourth scoring a 127.25. Cambridge Community posted a 120.60, Binghamton had a 119.25, host Yale scored a 113.20, Navy a 110, MIT a 106.6, Rutgers B a 77.4 and Penn scored a 71.25. It should be noted some schools did not put up a full lineup on each routine. Also the top four scores count as opposed to five in varsity.

Morgan Mathieu posted a 36.55 for Rhode Island A in the All Around. Her teammate Haley Crossley scored a 35.35 and Sacred Heart’s Hannah Rennie put up a 35.10 for third.

Alison Greenyer lead Binghamton with a 33.45, Erica Stevenson of Rutgers A scored a 32.9 for her team’s best score, and Jackie Reinschmidt was the top Cambridge Community scorer with her 31.65. Katherine Lucas led Yale with a 30.65, Michaela Connally put up a 30.5 for Navy and Olivia Fox acquired a 29.75 for Penn. Rhode Island B’s top AA score came from Jenny Camerlengo 29.4 and Jasmine Lennert’s 28.8 AA score was first among MIT gymnasts.

Mathieu won Vault with a 9.6, Rhode Island B’s Demi Moscatello scored a 9.1 and Brittany Block of URI A had a 9.05 for third place.

Lucas led Yale with her 9.0, Rennie flew to a 8.9 for SHU, Brianna Martins scored an 8.8 for Rutgers A and Maya Matais notched a 8.3 for Navy’s top score. Kelsey Fenner’s 8.2 was first among Binghamton, and Reinschmidt had CCG’s best of 8.2. Lennert had an 8.2 for MIT’s leading score. Fox’s 8 was first for Penn and Ambrianna Lawler posted a 7.5 for Rutgers B.

Rennie won the Uneven Bars with a 9.3, Kayla Wickham swung to a 9 for URI A, and Crossley had a 8.9 for third.

Ben Rudolph of CCG, One of two men to compete on Uneven Bars, posted an 8.7 to lead his team, Moscatello tallied an 8.6 for Rhode Island B, and Greenyer led Binghamton with a 8.4. Stevenson scored an 8.2 for the Scarlet Knights A, Connally was first for the Naval Academy with a 7.7, and Katelyn Ward scored a 7.5 for Penn’s best score. Kelsey Seto’s 6.4 was tops for the Engineers and Natalie Losada snagged the high score for Rutgers B of 5.1.

Greenyer won Beam with a 9.25, Mathieu was second with a 9.2 and URI A’s Hayley Doyle scored a 9.15 for third.

Katie Bruett was first among Rutgers A with her 9, Fenner scored an 8.8 to lead Binghamton and Morgan Eastwood scored a 8.5 for first among URI B. Abby Bayzath had SHU’s best score of 8.3, Shaylen Foley’s 8 led the Bulldogs, Seto had an 8, and Reinschmidt led her team with a 7.8. Fox scored a 7.7, and Britt Bruns led Navy with a 7.4. Jeanine Cabatu’s 7.35 was first among Rutgers B.

Crossley won Floor with a 9.3, Mathieu was second with a 9.25, and Wickham scored a 9.15 for third.

Lucas posted an 8.9 for Yale’s best score. Rennie scored a 8.85 for SHU’s leading tally, and Greenyer posted Binghamton’s top of 8.8. Rochelle Gober had an 8.8 for Navy’s top mark, Moscatello’s 8.65 was first among URI B, and Reinschmidt scored a 8.35 to lead CCG. Fox scored an 8.05, and Lennert’s 7.6 was MIT’s best score of the day.

Full playlist of many routines from all the teams:

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