Boston Blades vs. Les Canadiennes

MARLBOROUGH, MA-The Boston Blades welcomed in the Les Canadiennes de Montreal on Saturday night. The result was a 6-0 win for Montreal, however the score is not the whole story.

Montreal, one of the top teams in the CWHL, didn’t take long to get a goal as a rebound bounced off Boston’s Genevieve Lacasse to Ann-Sophie Bettez on the other side who had a lot of net to work with. Assists went to Katia Clement-Heydra, and Kim Deschenes.

Cathy Chartrand teed up a shot and it looked like Emilie Bocchia put in the rebound, but ultimately Chartrand was awarded the goal with Bocchia given the assist at 7:54.

The Blades found themselves on the power play late in the first, however, after Cathy Chartrand cleared it, Marie-Philip Poulin ended up with the puck and she broke up ice and defeated the keeper for the short handed goal.

Emmanuelle Blais scored with 8 seconds left in the period assisted by Jordanna Peroff and Bocchia to add to the pain.

However in some respects Boston showed improvement. Most of the goals were sort of surprises, as the Blades did do a job of thwarting a lot of Montreal setups. Though the score was not ideal. In the second period the Blades held Montreal scoreless and Lacasse was fearsome in net whacking away shot after shot, whether shot from afar or numerous close calls right in front. The Blades were able to hold off Montreal during two penalties in the period as well.

However in period 3, hopes of a comeback were largely shattered during a penalty kill as Karell Emard scored assisted by Noemie Marin and Leslie Oles. Bettez would end up with another goal late, assisted again by Clement-Heydra and Lauriane Rougeau.

Although a disappointing result, the Blades held Montreal to 42 shots. As usual Lacasse made her usual high number of saves and was able to help the team get out of some jams. The penalty kill did give up a goal but was very effective in the other two attempts.

Sydney Aveson made 11 saves on 11 shots for Montreal on the night. Les Canadiennes ended up at 13-2 (and would rise to 14-2 after dispatching the Blades a night later.) Boston falls to 1 shootout win and 18 losses (19 after Sunday’s action.). Montreal went into the game without Connecticut’s legendary Julie Chu or their number one netminder Charline Labonte.

Some notes: (A non exhaustive list of some of the plays in the game that weren’t goals. This list is shorter than usual.)

Tara Watchorn kept the puck in during a Boston attack, Sadie St. Germain plucked it out of the goal area to end a Montreal effort. Megan Myers took it down the ice for a for a scoring try. Erin Kickham got the puck out of the zone and skated it towards the Les Canadiennes area.

On the various penalty kills, Grace Murphy, Dru Burns, and Sarah Duncan all had clears. Megan Shea, had multiple including one following a pass interception. Kristina Brown pushed Montreal out of the zone.

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