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Soccer: Springfield tops WPI, Advances in NEWMAC Tourney

By David F. Pendrys (Eyewitness check against official box score.)

SPRINGFIELD, MA-The Springfield College Pride Women’s Soccer team defeated the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Engineers in dramatic fashion Tuesday night to advance in the NEWMAC tournament. After the two teams played to a 1-1 tie after two overtimes, penalty kicks would be the determining factor.

Springfield’s lone regulation goal came in the first half with a well executed play as Nicole Fowler set up a throw in. Fowler utilizes a front flip to propel the ball and did so right to Jessica Miller in front of the net, who headed the ball backwards into the upper corner of the net past WPI’s goaltender Gabi Hoops.

WPI didn’t get on the board until the second half and needed a penalty kick to do it, as Emily Doherty lined up a kick and knocked it to the right of SC’s Ciara Boucher.

Springfield did get some chances late in the second but WPI didn’t let them succeed. On to overtime the teams went, the first of which resulted in a good scoring chance for SC as Fowler swept in, but Hoops came out of the net and won the 1 on 1. With no answer to the tie the pair went to the second overtime. In this case it was WPI that nearly ended it as the Engineers attacked. Boucher made a save but was drawn out of the net, a rebound went flying at the net but a Pride defender kicked it away. I believe it was Elizabeth Monsen but couldn’t be certain.

With the tie still in place, onto the penalty kicks they went. Monsen went first for SC and kicked it into the right side of the net past Hoops. WPI’s Doherty lined up and shot it, but Boucher dived in front of the shot for the block. Aly Morell stood in for Springfield and shot it into the right of the net. Julia Macleod sent it into the right in the net as well for WPI’s first goal. Brooke Hattinger took her shot but Hoops saved it. Kara Martin then lined up for WPI and kicked it straight in. The teams were now even at 2 shots. Fowler launched the ball into the right side of the net. Jaime Espinola’s shot for WPI was blocked by Boucher to give Springfield a chance. Julia Cormier came up and launched it to the right of Hoops to win it.

Springfield took 18 shots on the night with 11 going on goal. WPI took 10 shots and sent 5 on goal. Boucher made 3 saves with 1 credited to the team. Hoops made 10 saves. Doherty was responsible for 4 of WPI’s shots on goal, Susannah Gray had the other. Krissy Cicalis and Jessica Miller each had 3 shots on goal, including Miller’s goal. Fowler, Bri Messier, Brooke Hettinger, Jenacee Bradbury, and Morell had 1 as well.

Coach John Gibson talked about the game’s flow post game.

SC’s Julia Cormier talked through the game and her dramatic shot.

Additional notes (A not exhaustive list of some of the other plays that affected the game from what I observed.)

  • SC’s Dakota Kelly broke up an early WPI drive. Her teammate Monsen did the same later.
  • WPI’s Megan Hanshaw had a good set up to get a centering pass into the zone but it didn’t connect.
  • WPI’s Martin was often disrupting SC attacks throughout the game.
  • Hattinger cleared a ball at one point.
  • Messier intercepted a WPI centering pass and Fowler got the ball out of the zone.
  • WPI’s Jane Bingel won a 1 on 1 but it didn’t lead to anything.
  • Hanshaw hustled to keep a ball in play.
  • During a strategic Springfield corner kick, Gray headed the ball out of the zone for WPI.

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