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Rugby: Quinnipiac v. Army

By David F. Pendrys (Eyewitness checked against official sources.)

HAMDEN, CT- Quinnipiac’s Rugby team picked up the win on senior day defeating the Black Knights from Army West Point 20-12 Saturday afternoon. The Bobcats dominated the first half of the game reaching a 15-0 lead and keeping Army largely away from the goal line. In the second half QU expanded their lead quickly, to 20-0, but Army late in the game mounted a come back to try to get close. Nonetheless, QU held them off.

It took only a few minutes for the Quinnipiac to score one as they broke out in a passing foray across the field to the left. Maggie Myles was the final recipient of a pass and she got across the line. The angle of the conversion kick was difficult and the kick was no good, but the Bobcats had a 5-0 lead.
The assist went to Ilona Maher on the try.

Army did drive themselves but were thwarted by QU. Later Emily Roskopf took the ball to the right for a try also assisted by Maher and the Bobcats were up 10-0 after the kick from another tough angle was missed.

Quinnipiac would threaten again but an Army player would snatch a pass out of mid-air and start running it back. On a future drive a big tackle by the Black Knights would result in a recovery of the ball as well. Army was effective at recovering the ball multiple times snagging it on a throw in and picking off another QU pass, however they couldn’t get any points from the effort, though they likely prevented some. Eventually though the Bobcats passed it left in sequence and it came to Rebecca Haight who pounded it past the defenders to just get over the line before being tackled. The kick came from the side and was missed, but 15-0 was the score. The home squad threatened again but Army held them off going into the half.

When the second half began the Bobcats drove down the field thanks in part to a big run by Myles. Army would eventually get the ball away from them, but QU would strike again as Maher herself this time hammered the ball across the line with the assist going to Mason Johnson. Kick was no good and the score rose to 20-0.

Army headed down the field, but QU snatched the ball away and kicked it out of danger. The Black Knights would persist though and Mariah Caid Loos eventually pushed it over the line. The kick by Nicole Heavirland was good to bring the score to 20-7. Army wasn’t done either. One of their players had a big run with multiple QU defenders unable to bring her down. Scrums near the goal line would follow but Quinnipiac eventually recovered and got the ball out of the way. Army put together another drive and got it across the line thanks to Lindy Clark. The kick this time was no good for a 20-12 score.
But that would be it for the scoring.

QU rose to 7-2 on the season and 6-1 in the NCVWRA while Army dropped to 5-4 and 5-1 in the NCVWRA.

Editor’s Note: Rugby Rosters generally do not have numbers and box scores do not apparently exist to player identification is difficult.

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