Soccer: Rutgers v. Ohio State

By David F. Pendrys

PISCATAWAY, NJ-In a physical contest, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights Men’s Soccer team defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes on Sunday afternoon. Despite many chances for both teams, the only goal of the game came at the 73rd minute. RU’s Miles Hackett broke in on goal and shot it at Ohio State’s Chris Froschauer, the ball bounced off to Jason Wright who shot it into the wide swath of net he had in front of him. Wright had been a major part of the Scarlet Knights attack throughout the day including a nifty backwards kick to setup a previous scoring attempt.

Rutgers goalie David Greczek made 5 saves on them. OSU’s Froschauer made 8 saves on 9 shots on him. RU took 16 shots total. OSU took 15 shots total.

Other notes. (Various non scoring plays. This is not an exhaustive list.)

  • RU’s Mitchell Taintor cleared it from the goal mouth in the 1st half.
  • RU’s Niel Guzman intercepted an OSU pass in the goal area and got it out of zone.
  • RU’s Drew Morgan broke up an OSU breakaway.
  • OSU’s Austin Bergstrom headed the ball out of the goal zone on a RU foul kick.
  • OSU’s Christian Soldat intercepted a pass as RU was deep in the zone.
  • Earlier in the game Wright broke in on the goal, but Bergstrom got in the way.
  • RU’s Brian Hawkins fed Sheldon McKoy though the angle on the shot was ideal, and Froschauer made the save.
  • Hackett had his own shot, but it was saved by Froschauer.
  • Taintor and Morgan broke up numerous OSU setups within the zone.
  • OSU’s Abdi Mohamed headed a long Rutgers pass away from its target.
  • An OSU player raced towards the RU goal, but McKoy caught up to him and stole the ball back.
  • Wright teed up a kick in the first but it was saved.
  • Mohamed prevented RU from setting up an attack in the second half.
  • Mohamed came up with a shot, but Greczek had the save.
  • Bergstrom, and Alex Ranalli had clearing kicks in rapid succession.
  • Morgan blocked an RU kick late in the 2nd.
  • Kidwell intercepted a long RU pass late in the game.
  • Late RU had a big shot but Froschauer knocked it over the net.
  • OSU’s Zach Mason faced off with but Jason Wright beat him and took the ball.

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