Hockey: Quinnipiac v. St. Cloud

by David F. Pendrys (Checked against official box score.)

HAMDEN, CT- The Quinnipiac Bobcats Men’s Hockey team came back from a two goal deficit and the momentum hit that goes with it, to top the visiting St. Cloud Huskies 5-2 Friday night. Facing off in goal were two hot netminders, Michael Garteig of QU and Charlie Lindgren of STC. Lindgren hadn’t given up a goal yet all season in 3 games, and Garteig had shut out the last two games and was working to build a shut out streak.

After much of the period going back and forth, Garteig’s shutout streak was broken when Judd Peterson ended up with the puck close to the net. St. Cloud had stolen the puck at center ice as QU attempted to get a power play going. After receiving the puck Peterson smacked it into the upper corner of the net for a 1-0 Huskies lead and a short handed goal. Assists went to Kalle Kossila and Nathan Widman on the surprise. Kossila it looks like is the one picking up the puck and sweeping in before feeding Peterson.

The first period ended with no further scoring but less than two minutes into period 1, Peterson struck again. After Jon Lizotte teed up a slapper, Peterson redirected it from the front of the net past the keeper for a 2-0 lead. An additional assist went to Mika Ilvonen in setting up the shot.

Later, with QU’s Canon Pieper in the box, the Bobcats broke in on net anyway, and the St. Cloud respose on Devon Toews resulted in a penalty shot for Quinnipiac. Toews skated in but shot wide.

Quinnipiac turned the tide at 10:04 in the period when Andrew Taverner scored from right in front, assisted by Kevin McKernan. Taverner had skated to the center to reach the puck and shot it from a great angle. Around 12:57 Anas slid in on net from Lindgren’s left, but the keeper deflected it, only to have it go right to Travis St. Denis who lofted it into the top of the net to tie up the game.

Following a Huskies penalty, Quinnipiac moved in and Anas was to the right of Lindgren, he backhanded a pass to St. Denis who waited on the other side and he whapped it in at 16:07. Assists went to Anas and Tanner MacMaster.

With the lead now QU’s they struck again forty seconds later. Scott Davidson basically stood to Lindgren’s right. He whacked the puck two times against the goaltender but the third try he managed to hit it just around the goalie’s pads and into the net. Assists went Derek Smith and Connor Clifton’s way.

The scoring was over for the period but Quinnipiac had done major damage. Period 3 would be a give and take which each side getting their chances in the opponent’s zone. St. Cloud however couldn’t find the net again, but QU did at 16:05 to especially put the fork in the ice. Chase Priskie moved in on Lindgren’s left and shot one. It richocheted off and right to K. J. Tiefenwerth who launched it for the goal. An additional assist also went to Craig Martin.

Quinnipiac took 41 shots on goal to which Lindgren made 35 saves. St. Cloud took 34 shots, and Garteig saved 32. Both goaltenders were challenged quite a lot and made some solid saves.

Quinnipiac won 33 faceoffs and lost 36. St. Denis won 11, and lost 14 as Taverner won 11 and lost 9. David Morley won 10 and lost 8 for the Huskies. Kossilla won 9 and lost 8, and Peterson won 9 and lost 5.

Each team took 5 penalties apiece. Though the only two goals were scored on QU power plays with 1 for each side.

Additional Notes. (A lot goes on in a hockey game, this is various plays that don’t go on the score sheet that are noticed. It is not an exhaustive list.)

QU’s Scott Davidson used hustle to keep the puck in the St. Cloud defensive zone.

St. Cloud’s Patrick Newell had an early steal to give his team a scoring try.

Tiefenwerth caused a scoring chance in the first when he stole it and brought it in.

After a Garteig save on Robby Jackson the defense hurriedly got the puck out of there.

Connor Clifton of Quinnipiac cleared the puck from the zone while on his knees. He later in the second would fight to for the puck at the blue line to keep a chance possible.

Will Borgen of St. Cloud smacked the puck away from the front of his net after QU tried multiple attacks.

Toews also had a clear away from the goal mouth.

St. Denis and Anas actually had a nice drive to the net in the second, but the pass from St. Denis just didn’t connect with Anas. Though they would do plenty later.

QU’s Canon Pieper also kept to keep the puck in the zone leading to a scoring chance.

St. Cloud’s Ben Storm and Ryan Papa broke in on Garteig but he stopped the chance.

Taverner and Tanner MacMaster all managed to block or break up some St. Cloud passes in the third.

Clifton had a short handed try on goal in the third.

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