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Int’l Women’s Basketball: This is Sparta & K!

Summarization by David F. Pendrys based on official team & league sources, plus FIBA information.

Sparta & K was in action over the past few weeks and picked up two victories.

3-22 Sparta & K 82 Energy Ivanovo 56 (Box, FIBA Box)

Sparta & K defeated Energy Ivanovo with a lot of offense. Emma Meesseman led the way with 18 points, 4 steals and 1 block. Nika Baric put up 11, contributed 6 assists and had a block of her own. Maria Vadeeva and Maria Cherepanova each had 10. Raisa Musina grabbed 7 rebounds, and Ksenia Tikhonenko snagged the ball 6 times. Adelina Abaiburova had a block as well.

For Energy Karina Nizamova, Elena Vorozhtsova, and Viktoriya Medvedeva all had 9 points. Vorozhtsova also had 5 steals, Ashley Paris picked up 7 rebounds and Julia Sokoljuk had a block.

3/29 Sparta & K 84 v. Dynamo Moscow 69 (Box)

For Sparta & K, Vadeeva scored 20 points, had 7 rebounds and a block. Cherepanova had 20 as well and Baric scored 15. Cherepanova also had 4 blocks and 7 rebounds for an all out effort. Meesseman didn’t score much but contributed 8 rebounds and 2 blocks. Galina Kiseleva scored 8, and Ksenia Tikhonenko snatched 10 rebounds and came up with a block.

Dynamo’s Katerina Keyru had 25 points and 4 steals. Anna Petrakova tallied 15, Irina Sokolovskaia had 9 with 1 block, Varvara Psareva and Olga Novikova each had 8, with Psareva also acquiring 9 rebounds.

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