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Women’s Baseball: Hyogo v. Kyoto

Summarization by David F. Pendrys from official team sites with an assist from Google Translate.

Official box scores:

The Hyogo Dione and Kyoto Flora of the Japan Women’s Baseball League met twice over the weekend after a third game was called due to weather. On March 28th Hyogo eeked out a 5-4 win in 8 innings. Hyogo’s Ayumi Sato pitched a complete game giving up 8 hits, striking out 5, walking 4 and allowing 4 earned runs.

Offensively Miki Atsugase and Chizuru Ishikawa each had 1 hit and 1 RBI, Tomoko Tanaka and Ayumi Terabe swung for 2 hits and 1 RBI each. One of Hyogo’s runs was unearned. It was Atsugase who singled up the middle to drive in the game winning run in the top of the eighth.

For Kyoto starter Minami Yano faced 29 batters and gave up 6 hits while striking 3 out, walking 4, and giving up 4 runs, 3 earned before getting pulled at the top of the seventh. Reliever Mika Konishi faced 9 batters gave up 2 hits, struck out one, walked 2, and surrendered the game winning run.

Akane Nakamura and Tsudoi Konishi each had 2 RBI for Kyoto, though Nakamura had 1 hit and Konishi 2.


Two days later the teams met again and had to settle for a 3-3 tie after nine innings. Shiho Murata started the game on the mound for Hyogo, and Mika Konishi started for Kyoto. In the third, Hyogo’s Shino Kokubo drove in Miki Atsugase on a drive down the right field line. Tomoko Tanaka hit a single to drive another run. Later, Hikaru Kawasaki notched the third RBI to cap a three run inning.

In the fourth, Kyoto’s Ayumi Ikeyama lofted it into the center field gap, scoring Iori Miura. In the sixth, Ikeyama smashed the ball to left and bounced it over the fence for a ground rule double. When she was eventually on third, Tsudoi Konishi’s sacrifice bunt got her home. With bases loaded in the seventh and Ayumi Kawaguchi pitching for Hyogo, Kyoto’s Miura hit into a fielder’s choice scoring Mai Yamazaki.

Tanaka had 2 hits on the day as the lone member of her team to get more than 1 hit. Ikeyama and Konishi each had 2 hits as well. On the mound, Minako Uemura replaced Konishi with one out in the top of the fourth and Minami Yano replaced Uemura at the top of the seventh. On the other side Kawaguchi had replaced Murata at the top of the seventh. Konishi gave up all of Hyogo’s runs, as Murata gave up two of Kyoto’s and Kawaguchi gave up the third.


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