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Int’l Basketball: Toyama sweeps the Happinets

Summarization by David F. Pendrys based on official box scores. [21:] [22:]

Toyama defeated the Akita Northern Happinets twice first by 91 to 82, and later by a 94 to 82 margin.

In game 1, Joe Werner scored 27, with 7 boards and 3 steals. Masashi Joho drained 3 three pointers on the way to 17 points and 6 assists. Takeshi Mito added 14, Sam Willard 10, and Tatsunori Fujie 9.

For the Happinets Deshawan Stephens scored 28 with 8 boards. Richard Roby had 15 and 8 rebounds himself. Ruben Boykin netted 13, Travon Bryant had 9, and Shigehiro Taguchi 8.

In game 2, Jamelle Horne led the Grouses with his 21 and 7 rebounds. Willard posted 19 with 15 boards. Mito had 13, Fujie 12, Werner 11, and Joho had 9. Fujie also contributed 5 assists.

In the losing cause Stephens led the Happinets with 22 and 11 rebounds. Taguchi landed 3 three pointers as part of his 21 points. Yuto Otsuka scored 12 thanks mainly to three point shots. Boykin had 9 with 7 rebounds, Bryant had 2 blocks and scored 9.

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