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Int’l Basketball: Chiba Jets defeat the Kumamoto Volters

Summarization by David F. Pendrys based on official box scores. [21:] [22:]

The Chiba Jets defeated the Kumamoto Volters twice this past weekend. On the 21st Chiba prevailed 87 to 71. A day later, Chiba’s victory was narrower but still 80-71.

In game 1, Justin Burrell posted 18 points and 7 rebounds and Rick Rickert had 17 and grabbed 9 rebounds. Paris Horne scored 13, Kosuke Ishii 9, and Hiroki Sato acquired 8. For the Volters Garlon Green put up 22 and had 7 rebounds. Tenyoku You and Joshua Warren each had 12, though Warren came down with 9 rebounds and blocked 2 shots.

In game 2, Burrell tallied 21 points and 9 rebounds. Ryumo Ono shot for 19, Rickert had 18 points plus 8 rebounds and Gaku Arao picked up 8 boards. For Kumamoto Nakanishi scored 13, Shintaro Kobayashi had 10, and you 9. Warren grabbed 13 boards and blocked 2 blocks. Takumi Furuno for his part had 8 rebounds, Green had 6 rebounds and 2 blocks.

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