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Int’l Basketball: Antelopes fall to Sunflowers

Summarized by David F. Pendrys from official box score. [21:] [22: ]

The Nagoya Antelopes fell to the Kashiwa Sunflowers this past weekend in the WJBL playoffs.

On the 21st the Sunflowers defeated the Antelopes 83-55.

For the Sunflowers Ramu Tokashiki put up 23 points and 10 rebounds. Yuki Miyazawa scored 16 and added 6 rebounds of her own and Yuka Mamiya had 14 with 10 rebounds. Sayaka Okamoto tallied 12, and Asami Yoshida contributed 10 assists.

For the Antelopes, Hitomi Suzuki scored 13 including landing 3 3 pointers and she had 7 rebounds. Saki Mizushima had 11 and Kaede Kondo and Mori Mutya had 10 each.

The next day it was closer but the Sunflowers took the 84-78 win. Tokashiki scored an amazing 39 points had 16 rebounds, and 5 blocks! Mamiya put up 24 and grabbed 14 rebounds. Miyazawa had 16 and Yoshida had 14 assists.

In the losing effort Kondo and Suzuki each scored 18. Suzuki also hit 4 three pointers. Maya Kawahara acquired 12, Mika Kurihara scored 11. Mutya put up 11 snagged 7 rebounds and contributed 5 assists. Emi Kudeken had 6 rebounds and 7 assists.

With that the Sunflowers advance and the Antelopes season comes to an end.

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