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Int’l Basketball: Nagoya Antelopes Fall To JX-Eneos Sunflowers

Compiled by David F. Pendrys from official box score & team sites.

In the Japan’s women’s basketball league, the Nagoya Antelopes fell twice to the Kashiwa JX-Eneos Sunflowers this past weekend.

On March 14th the Antelopes fell to the Sunflowers 74-56. Mika Kurihara led the Antelopes with her 23 points and 7 rebounds. Emi Kudeken scored 9, Kaede Kondo had 7. Mori Mutya had 5 steals.

For the Sunflowers, Ramu Tokashiki scored 21 plus grabbed 9 rebounds and 5 assists. Yuka Mamiya had 16 plus 11 rebounds. Yuki Miyazawa also scored 16 and earned 7 rebounds on the day. Asami Yoshida contributed 7 assists.

On the 15th the score was similar as JX-Eneos scored 75 and the Antelopes 58. Hitomi Suzuki led the Antelopes with 14, Kondo had 9 and Kurihara 7. For the Sunflowers, Tokashiki again had a big day with 23 points and 13 rebounds. Mamiya had 21 and 3 steals. Miyazawa posted 13 and blocked 4 shots.

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