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The SonicBoom lose 2 games.

Summary by David F. Pendrys (from KBL box scores. 3-3, 3-5)

The Busan KT SonicBoom lost to the Ulsan Phoebus on the 5th and the Wonju Promy on the 3rd which is unlikely to have been their goal.

On the fifth the Phoebus took down the SonicBoom 87-79.

Ricardo Ratliffe’s 32 points contributed to the strong victory. He also had 9 rebounds and a block. Ira Clark added 12, and Gregory Stevenson and Dong Geun Yang each scored 11. Stevenson also had a blocked shot and Yang contributed 9 assists. Ji Hoon Ham tallied 10 and snagged 9 rebounds.

Charles Rhodes led the SonicBoom with his 26 points 10 rebounds and 2 blocks. Hyun Su Kim posted 18 as did Yong Jun Oh. Seung Won Kim scored 10 and had 8 rebounds. Jae Do Lee gained 6 assists for his efforts. The KBL provided the full game online. I have the quarters  into a playlist for ease of viewing.

On March 3rd the Promy defeated the SonicBoom 82-78 but it was not that close as the SonicBoom closed only very late when the game was out of reach.

Rhodes had 23 points 7 rebounds and a block. Yeo Kwon Yoon downed 3 three pointers for 9 points, Jae Do Lee tallied 9 points himself as did Hyun Min Kim who also grabbed 7 rebounds and put up a block. Seung Won Kim had the SonicBoom’s third block of the game.

The KBL provided the full game online. I have the quarters  into a playlist for ease of viewing.

( Editor’s note: I lack a translation of Promy’s roster. Asia-Basket might have one, but I don’t consult their site for my information.)


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