Japan Basketball Wednesday: Antelopes, Jets, Grouses all sweep.

Summary by David F. Pendrys (from official box scores and team sites.)

Here’s a brief look at basketball action from Japan through three teams I follow. The writing will not win any awards, but I hope it conveys the info well enough.

Nagoya Antelopes vs. V-Magic-Women’s Japanese Basketball League (WJBL) [Box 22nd] [Box 21st]

The Nagoya Antelopes took on the V-Magic this past weekend and won both games. On the 21st the Antelopes picked up the 74-52 win. Mika Kurihara drained 6 three pointers as part of a 22 point effort. She also had 10 rebounds. Maya Kawahara shot for 14 herself. Mori Mutya had 12 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks. Emi Kudeken put up 11, and also had 8 rebounds and 5 assists.

For the V-Magic, Yuka Watanabe snagged 11 and had 6 rebounds. Saori Fujiyoshi, Naho Miyoshi and Miyuki Kawamura each had 9 points. Fujiyoshi also had 3 blocks in the game.

A day later the Antelopes won again 83-65. Kurihara had seven 3 pointers this time en route to a 27 point game. She tallied 8 rebounds and 3 steals while she was at it too. Kaede Kondo and Mutya each had 14. Mutya also blocked 2, and Kondo had 5 rebounds. Hitomi Suzuki and Nozomi Amatsu each contributed 7 rebounds. Kudeken had 8 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists.

Miho Ikezumi led the V-Magic with 16, Kawamura and Miyoshi each had 13. Naomi Hayashi scored 12, and Fujiyoshi found net for 9. Kawamura also had 6 rebounds on the day.

The Antelopes exited the weekend 18-6 and the V-Magic are 16-8.

Chiba Jets vs. Diamond Dolphins-Japanese National Basketball League (NBL) [Box 22nd] [Box 21st]

The Chiba Jets defeated the Diamond Dolphins twice this past weekend. On the 21st it was by an 89-76 margin. Fumio Nishimura led the Jets with 24. Rick Rickert threw up 14, and added 10 rebounds. Justin Burrell scored 13, Kosuke Ishii 11, and Ryumo Ono 10.

For the Dolphins, Shogo Asayama led the way with 18. Takumi Ishizaki posted 17 plus 6 assists. Brendan Lane contributed 15 and 11 boards and Amath M’Baye added 14.

The next day Chiba downed the dolphins 88 to 75. Rickert had 23, Ono 17, and Paris Horne 14. Burrell had 6 rebounds, and Yuta Miyanaga had 5 assists. For the Dolphins M’Baye put up 30, and 11 rebounds. Ishizaki acquired 11, Uzawa tallied 10, and Lane had 2 blocked shots.

The Jets are now 21-13 and the Dolphins are 21-12.

Toyama Grouses vs. Yokohama B-Corsairs-(Basketball Japan League) [Box 21st] [Box 22nd]

In a close game on the 21st, the Toyama Grouses edged the Yokohama B-Corsairs 75-69.

Masashi Joho scored 29 including 5 from 3 point land to lead the Grouses. Sam Willard scored 16, had 14 rebounds, and 3 blocks for a very good stat line indeed. Takeshi Mito added 11. For the B-Corsairs, Carl Hall and Dzaflor Larkai each had 14. Larkai had 13 rebounds and Hall 12. Also, Hall had 2 blocks, and Seiji Kouno scored 9 for Yokohama.

A day later the Grouses blew out the B-Corsairs 90 to 66. Joho hit 5 more three point shots but ended up with 18 total. Fujie scored 20 to lead the team in points, Joe Werner shot for 13, and grabbed 14 rebounds. Mito had 10 points, as did Willard. Plus Willard grabbed 9 rebounds. In the losing effort Hall put up 21 for the B-Corsairs with 10 rebounds. Larkai had 10 rebounds and 9 points. Masayuki Kabaya scored 10 and Kenji Yamada had 7 assists.

The Grouses are now 26-10, the B-Corsairs fall to 8-26.

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