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Friday Night Halla Hockey Report!

Summarization by David F. Pendrys based on Asia League score sheets and On the Sports highlights.

Anyang Halla captured the Asia League regular season title this week. They wrapped up the regular season vs. High1 winning 3 to 1 on February 18th (Official Game Sheet).

The scoring opened when Tae-An Kwon got a pass and flicked it over Anyang goalie Matt Dalton. Later in the period Woo-Sang Park would respond getting a rebound and blasting in into a gap to High1 goalie Sung-Je Park’s left at close range. Later in the game Woo-Sang Park would receive a pass and found a ton of open net to send the puck into. The final goal of the game came when Sang-Hoon Shin skated in front of the net, got a pass and basically backhanded it as he turned sending the shot over the goalie’s right shoulder. Dalton had 33 saves on the day, Sung-Je Park had 40 saves in the loss. On the Sports has highlights:

Prior to that game, Halla played the China Dragon 3 times picking up two victories, but also losing in an upset. On the 15th Anyang defeated the Dragon 9-4 (Official Game Sheet). Goals came Won-Jung Kim, Ki-Sung Kim, and Woo-Sang Park who scored two apiece and also from Brock Radunske, Jinhui Ahn, and Mike Testwuide. China’s goals were produced by Brett Parnham, Kosuke Takahashi, Lei Chen, and Yoshikazu Kashino. Dalton had 24 saves, and Dragon goalie Alex Westlund had a staggering 47 saves despite 9 goals against. On the Sports has highlights:

The day before China Dragon upset Anyang in overtime 3-2 (Official Game Sheet). Goals came for Anyang from Testwuide & Won-Jung Kim. For China offense consisted Brett Parnham’s two goals and Chen’s overtime game winner. Dalton had 21 saves and Westlund 42.

On the 12th Anyang defeated Dragon 8-1(Official Game Sheet). Ki-Sung Kim scored twice and other goals were notched by Shin, Testwuide, Min-Woo Lee, Jeff Dimmen, Sang-Jin Park, and Yoon-Hwan Kim. China’s lone goal was tallied by Kosuke Takahashi. Dalton only faced 10 shots and saved 9 of them. Westlund had 38 saves, but 8 goals against and Pengfei Han came in briefly picking up 4 saves.

On the Sports has highlights:

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