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Int’l Basketball: The Busan SonicBoom Win!

KT 71 ET 64 (from KBL scoressheet cross checked against FIBA)

The Busan KT SonicBoom broke their losing streak February 16th with a win over the Incheon ET Land Elephants despite not having Charles Rhodes in the lineup. Seung Won Kim had 14 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 blocks in the game. Evan Brock posted 7 points and 12 rebounds. Hyun Su Kim led the team in scoring with 18, and had 6 rebounds.

Also, Yong Jun Oh contributed 10, Seong Min Cho 7, and Tae Pung Jeon (Tony Akins) had 9, as well as 6 assists. Jae Do Lee only played 14 minutes, but had 4 points, and key defensive plays late in the game.

For Incheon, Bawee Cha hit four 3 pointers on his way to 17 points. Terrence Leather scored 13 and had 8 rebounds, and Hyun-Ho Lee 7 points to lead their team.

KT entered the fourth quarter with a 57 to 52 lead but Incheon struck quickly putting 4 points on the board. Seung Won Kim responded for the SonicBoom getting in close to put them back up 59-56. After the Elephants lost the ball due to a shot clock violation, Jae Do Lee drove to the hoop and was fouled. Once his Girls’ Generation theme song stopped playing he hit both shots. Incheon tried to score multiple times, but eventually Hyun Su Kim got a rebound, and the ball ended up with Jae Do Lee who hit a jump shot from inside the arc to make the score 63-56. The Elephants tried to respond again but missed, this time Evan Brock had the rebound. The SonicBoom cut it close as the shot clock ticked down but Seong Min Cho nailed a shot with time expiring. Terrence Leather answered with two points of his own.

Busan tried to drop a dagger with a three pointer but it failed, the Elephants regained the ball and Hyogeun Jeong came up with a hook shot to cut the lead to 65-60. The SonicBoom missed their next shot, and Incheon headed down towards the basket, but Jae Do Lee stole the ball, eventually it got to Hyun Su Kim who completed his move and the layup. The Elephants tried to blunt the momentum but Jae Do Lee knocked the ball out of one of their hands as a shot was attempted. He headed back down to attack, but missed his shot. The Elephants returned to the attack and Bawee Cha got fouled. He hit only one of the shots though and Busan regained control. Hyun Su Kim hit a long jumper for a 69-61 lead.

Likely due to desperation as the game was in its waning moments, the Elephants went for the three and failed and they missed their next chance. The SonicBoom missed their chance as well, but kept possession having to inbound it with little time left on the shot clock. It didn’t matter to Seung Won Kim who launched a fadeaway and in it went. The 10 point SonicBoom lead prompted a time out and the Elephants came out of it with a 3 pointer. That would be it for their scoring though as the SonicBoom counted down the time, got caught for a violation, but the Elephants threw their pass into Cho’s hands, and KT would have another shot clock violation, but the time used was the real valuable commodity. The Elephants headed down to shoot, and missed again, with Cho picking up the rebound. This gave the SonicBoom the final possession of the game.

The full game is available online courtesy of the KBL.


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