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Int’t Basketball: Sonicboom fall to KGC 86-81

Summarized by David F. Pendrys based on KBL scoresheet, Sonicboom info.

Despite a spirited comeback in the fourth quarter the Busan Sonicboom fell to Anyang KGC on February 9th. The team entered the final frame down 65-58, but down 77-72 with a minute and a half left Guard Tae Pung Jeon (Tony Akins) hit a three point as he fell down. Within 30 seconds he would be at the line shooting two and the game was tied 77 after but it would go downhill from there quickly with an end result of 86-81.

Center Charles Rhodes had 22 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks, Jeon had 20 of his own including the critical 5 mentioned above. Forward Hyun Min Kim put up 13 and 10 rebounds. Guard Jae Lee Do had 9, and Seong Min Cho posted 8, as well as 4 steals.

The full game is posted by the KBL on youtube:

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