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Vintage Baseball!!!!!

By David F.P. [Image Gallery][Image Gallery of a different game]

HARTFORD, CT- Colt Park is not surprisingly next to the old Colt Armory with its distinctive cupola, and the old weapons factory serves as a fitting backdrop to the Vintage Base Ball games going on. The games are played with rules taken from the 1860s. The players play without gloves, nor helmets, in slacks and distinctive shirts and hats since this is after all really old school. The organization putting these games on, Friends of Vintage Baseball has a website here.

When I stopped by the Nutmeg BBC was taking on the Barnie’s Blue Boys in the second game of a double header, though as I understand it, when they play two, the rules change.

Naturally the implications of the more rudimentary equipment is that routine pop-ups and grounders in the modern game are anything but.

Additionally, the pitching is a naturally a different animal as well.

Another common event was the stealing of bases as in this case, it also makes it harder to throw someone out.

The Blue Boys spent much of the game in control offensively before I had to depart, and despite the apparent difficulties of fielding, they wereable to keep the Nutmegs from picking up too many runs while racking up a bunch.

The league has games pretty much every weekend it seems, their full schedule is here, though on May 28th and 29th they will be having a special event with more teams playing each other during the day and other attractions.

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