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Commentary: One of the most amazing moments in sports you never want to see.

by David F.P.

There are many great moments in sports that capture the dreams of players, and their fans, whether it be the amazing one handed catch on the way for a touchdown, or the walk off home run to win a World Series, or most spectacular of slam dunks. It can take the form of individual accomplishments or team victories, whether they real or moral. Most of these moments are what sports is about, what players want to participate in, and what fans want to witness.

But there are some amazing acts of sports that no one expects to see and frankly would likely not want to see, because of the situations that bring them about.  Derek Redmond finishing his 1992 Olympics race with the help of his father is an iconic moment, but only because his dreams of a medals were crushed by a severe hamstring injury. No one wanted that to happen to him, but it is nonetheless an amazing sports moment, Tedy Bruschi’s return to playing in 2005-2006 was seen as miraculous at the time considering he had had to battle the effects of a stroke, and that is but two examples of moments that no one hopes to ever witness but can admire all the same.

In the sport of Gymnastics for one, there is another of these types of moments.  The sport, by its nature, has its risk, otherwise likely more people would attempt such routines and sometimes these end in miscues which result in injuries and the need for urgent medical attention, whether it be a fall from the bars, or an under-rotated flip on the floor exercise.  But the amazing part comes in what follows, with a teammate now on the way to the hospital or trainer’s rooom depending on severity, the next competitor is expected to get right back up there and hit. The risks of the apparatus is right there, and yet they calmly wait, salute the judges, and begin their routine and that is amazing.

Most sports may have their equivalents, but it stands out in a majestic sport that offers great potential for every great risk, which is what makes gymnastics so fascinating.

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