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Bridgeport sets school record, Towson, Temple, SCSU all top 190.

By David F.P.
March 5, 2010 [Gymnastike’s Video Coverage I [Modest Image Gallery]

(Note: Coverage was filmed prior to terrible FloSports management decisions that started in 2014. All coverage filmed for FloGymnastics is their property by law. Linkage is not an endorsement of current FloSports management or management decisions. The reporting staff of FloGymnastics remains an excellent group however despite upper management failures.)

BRIDGEPORT, CT- The University of Bridgeport hosted their lone regular season in front of a supportive crowd of fans of all four teams in the the Wheeler Rec Center Friday night. Bridgeport scored a school record 194.200, Towson placed second with a 193.075, their 2nd highest score of the season, Temple came in third with a season high 190.650, and fourth place SCSU scored a season high 190.375 as well. UB was leading Towson going into rotation four, and the Tigers hit some big vaults, including 3 of the top scores on the event that day, but UB held the lead with a floor rotation featuring 4 of the top scores of the meet on that event. This meet featured two ECAC D1 teams and two ECAC D2 teams, plus Temple, SCSU, and UB are also members of the USAG Collegiate nationals division and the post season is approaching in a few weeks.

Turning to the individual results;
Towson’s Kacy Catanzaro and Bridgeport’s Lorraine Galow tied for 1st in the all around with a 38.925. Towson’s Alise McDonald placed 3rd with a 38.900. UB’s Miranda Der, SCSU’s Justine Basley, and Towson’s Megan Wooden were 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively.

On the Vault, McDonald took first with a 9.9, Temple’s Katie Canning, Towson’s Avis Hixon, Bridgeport’s Monica Mesalles, and Catanzaro all scored 9.85 to place second. Kaity Watson of Temple and Tiara Land of Bridgeport picked up 6th place with 9.8s.

In the Bars competition, UB’s Hannah Forti scored a 9.75 for first, Basley, Catanzaro, and Galow were 2nd with 9.725s, SCSU’s Sarah Darst, UB’s Carissa Huggins, and Towson’s Jackie Schweitzer posted 9.7s to place 5th.

On Beam, Catanzaro scored a 9.750 to win the event. Galow and teammate Emily Repko scored 9.725s for 2nd. Basley, her fellow teammate Briana DiPinto, Temple’s Nina Oteri and Corrine Williams, and Mesalles all had 9.675s to finish 4th.

Finally on Floor, Der was first with a 9.875, Mesalles and Galow tied for second with 9.85’s, Williams had a 9.8, McDonald was 5th with a 9.775 along with UB’s Breanna Collins.

This meet had a lot at stake as UB, SCSU, and Temple are all in the hunt for placements to USAG Collegiate Nationals and of course NCAA Regional slots for individuals. Towson isn’t in the USAG division, but is marching towards defending their ECAC D1 championship in a few weeks at host Temple.

Towson heads to Rutgers next weekend to face the fellow EAGL team, as well as Yale.

Next week SCSU and Temple will both be at Penn, to face the Quakers and Maryland.

This Sunday, Bridgeport heads to Penn State to take on the Nittany Lions, Michigan, and Maryland.

Bridgeport’s team, staff, and friends celebrated their new school record, but were soon at work moving the apparatus and mats back into the practice area and returning the rec center main floor to normal. It culminated in several dozen people grabbing a hold of the floor mat and dragging it atop the spring floor which had been moved into place.