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Women’s Hockey: Yale nets last minute goal to win 4-3 over RPI

By David F.P. [Modest Image Gallery]

NEW HAVEN, CT- The Rensselaer Polytechnic Engineers visited Ingalls Rink to take on the Yale Bulldogs on a Saturday afternoon. By the end of the 1st period the home team was out to a 2 to 1 lead, though RPI had put up 21 shots in the first period to Yale’s 7. In goal for RPI was Sonja van der Bliek and for Yale, Jackee Snikeris.

When Period 2 started it wasn’t long before a penalty was called on Yale’s Aleca Hughes at 2:22 for hooking. The Engineers went on the attack including a Katie Daniels break on the goal but no points resulted and the penalty was killed off. RPI’s Kendra Dunlop was called for hooking at 4:36 putting the Engineers a skater down. 5 seconds later Yale’s Bray Ketchum skated to the center of the zone and shot it past the keeper for the power play goal assited by Alyssa Zupon and Tara Tomimoto.

Play continued but Engineer Allysen Weidner broke in on the Yale goal and stick handled to beat Snikeris assisted by Kristen Jakubowski at 7:57. The score was now 3-2

RPI went a skate down when Andie LeDonne was booked for body checking at 11:13. Yale didn’t get many opportunities and RPI even managed a short handed try. The penalty was soon killed.

Caroline Murphy went in the box for Yale at 14:34 for body checking as well and RPI went on the power play. Amanda Castignetti let a slapper go, and it led to a battle at th enet, but no points. The penalty soon passed.

Jen Matichuk let a shot fly for Yale later in the period but it went wide.

At 19:35, Tomimoto went into the box for holding but the penalty was killed off across both periods. At the end of 2, Yale led 3-2, though the Bulldogs only had 12 shots to RPI’s 29.

Rensselaer kept up the attack trying to score with multiple chances, but none we’re going in. At 4:21 Samantha MacLean was called for hooking and RPI went on a power play yet again. Dunlop swept in on net, but Snikeris made the diving save. The penalty also passed without incident.

Dunlop would try again later but her shot went over the net. Taylor Horton tried a shot as well but MacLean broke it up. The pressure continued. At 16:07 Andi LeDonne was put in the box for hooking putting RPI in a bad way, but all the same they managed a short handed attempt and killed the penalty.

At the 18:30 mark however Dunlop sent in a slapper, it was saved, but Weidner went for it and it ended up on the stick of Clare Padmore who knocked it into the net for the game tying goal. The shot differential at this point was 16 to 40 in favor of RPI. The elation ceased soon afterward when MacLean teed a shot up from back in the zone, it seemed to pop in and out of the goalies glove and drop into the net at 19:27 regaining the Yale lead. RPI even switched goalies at this point. Hughes went in the box at 19:50 for hooking but RPI could do nothing with their 10 minute power play. The game came to an end 4 to 3 Yale, final shots on goal, 18 for Yale, 41 for RPI.

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