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BC, Providence skate to a 2-2 tie, BC wins shootout in women’s hockey.

Thunstrom vs. Lacasse

By David F.P. [Modest Image Gallery]
December 11, 2009
CHESTNUT HILL, MA-The Providence Friars traveled down to Boston College to take on the Eagles Friday night. The result would be a 2 to 2 tie leading to a shootout, which BC would win on a Allie Thunstrom score in a tough fought matchup at Comte Forum. In goal for the Friars Genevieve Lacasse, and for the Eagles, Corinne Boyles.

These reports are offense heavily just because it’s easier to follow, attempts are made to add defensive plays as well as they are no doubt important to the success of a hockey team, just harder to keep track of. Attempts are made to record as many game happenings as possible, but these reports are by no means exhaustive.
The game started out with a back and forth between the two sides but very few scoring chances. At 3:47 Laura Veharanta was called for holding putting Boston College on the power play. The Eagles were unable to capitalize though as the Friars just kept clearing the puck. After the penalty was killed Danielle Welch went on a breakaway, her versus the goalie but Lacasse picked up the save. Most of the early minutes of the period were spent in the Providence defensive zone and they had only one shot to BC’s 4. Dru Burns’s shot was saved as well later in the period. Providence responded with some opportunities as well including from Jean O’Neill, Jessica Cohen, and Amber Yung but to no effect. O’Neill had a close range shot but it was also saved. At 8:51 Mary Restuccia was called for body checking and the Friars went on the power play, taking less than 15 seconds to score a power play goal at 9:03, as Nicole Anderson scored assisted by Ashley Cottrell and Yung, the shot differential had also evened at 5 for both.
Providence added more fuel to the fire at 9:36 when Kate Bacon scored assisted by Jessica Vella and Jennifer Friedman. Each goal came at extreme close range. The Eagles called a time out to regroup. Play resumed and Vella had a point blank shot which hit the post. Motherwell had a shout of her own but no points. Christie Jensen went into the penalty box for tripping at 10:23 giving the Eagles a power play, but despite having many chances on goal the penalty was killed. Dru Burns came up with a shot after the power play was over but it was saved.
The period had evened things out in terms of how much time was spent in each zone, with 4 minutes left, BC had 10 shots to Providence’s 7, though the Friars had two points to show for it. Anderson had a point blank shot for the white and black but after the save a defender quickly cleared the puck. BC went on the attack, Allie Thunstrom swept in but her shot was glove saved, Blake Bolden also took a shot, and Thunstrom tried to deflect it but that was stopped as well.
The period wrapped up with the score still 2-0 and the Friars had 10 shots to BC’s 9.
Period 2 opened up with the home team going a skater down when Bolden was put in the box for interference at 50 seconds. That didn’t stop Kristina Brown from having a short handed try, and Thunstrom and Restuccia also tried. B25 had a breakaway but her efforts were broken up. PC did not get much opportunity to go on offense and the penalty was soon killed.
Colleen Martin came up with a close shot but the keeper took care of it, Tracy Johnson had sent in the puck from the back of the Providence zone but it also was saved. Jensen responded with a shot but it was wide. Bolden and Burns also had shots amidst a BC attack.
At 6:07 Leigh Riley committed a checking penalty and was sent to the box. The Eagles tried to make things happen with shots by Danielle Welch and others, but the result was all the same. The penalty would be killed and when even strength return Providence tried to add to their lead but with no success. Thunstrom skated in on net again and at point blank fired one, but the she was stopped. Providence continued to put pressure up trying to close the deal, though at 11:57 Anderson was called for tripping and the power play began again. Thunstrom gave it a try as did Bolden and others, though the Friars had a short handed attempt and the overall penalty was killed.
Bolden gave it another goal but it didn’t happen. Alyse Ruff also took part in what looked like a 2 on goal situation but the d caught up and her shot didn’t get in. Danielle Welch went in for a shot but Jensen broke up the attempt. BC now put on some pressure including a Alison Szlosek shot, and a Brown pass to Burns where she tried to slip it by the goalie’s edge, but that shot was also saved. O’Neill for the Friars went on a breakaway and took on G29 but she was stuffed cold. There were some more back and forth but the period ended with no change to the score. BC now had 20 shots and Providence 16.
Period 3 opened with Boston College continued to try and they got it in the net at :37 seconds when Ashley Motherwell’s shot after a fashion ended in the net, assisted by Restuccia. At :50 seconds Bolden went in the box for tripping giving the Friars a chance to strike back, though Anderson’s shot was saved. Ruff went in on net, but in the ensuing play, she and Restuccia ended up sliding into the boards. PC tried to deflect the puck but it just missed a gap in the net, and the penalty was soon killed off afterward.
Caitlin Walsh had a 1-1 encounter during a scoring try but did not score. Bolden was called again for a penalty and went back in the box at 4:35. To make matters worse, after a Thunstrom’s shorthanded try, Katelyn Kurth was called for interference at 5:07. The Friars called a time out to plan their 2 skater advantage at a critical time. During the following 5 on 3, Veharanta passed to Cottrell but the shot was saved. Yung was in the back of the zone and let one fly to no success, Yung tried again as did Veharanta who passed it twice to Cottrell but the pucks were saved. The first penalty was killed, and a shot was deflected in but also saved. The second penalty would soon be killed as well. Other action followed including Martin’s penalty which sent her to the box for checking at 10:28.
The power play had Brown shooting as did Szlosek, Brown also gave it a go but the penalty was killed. Ruff was called for hooking at 12:32 giving the Eagles another chance and they took it when Bolden scored unassisted on the power play at 12:49. The score was now tied, though Bolden would go in the box again at 14:52 for checking. Cottrell passed to Abby Gauthier, then back to Cottrell to set up a shot, but the save was made as well, the penalty was killed soon afterward, and a PC slapper was stopped by Danielle Welch’s body as well. Each side kept trying to win the game, but at the end of 3 it was 2 to 2, 26 shots each and time for overtime!
During the short period, Thunstrom went on another breakaway, but Ruff was part of the defense that stopped her. O’Neill went on the assault for the visitors but during her shot ended up in the net. Providence really poured it on with a lot of close calls, none of which found the net itself.
In the end neither side would score again, and the game would end a tie in the overall standings, but the shootout might determine a conference winner.
Cottrell lined it up first and skated in, but she missed the net after Boyles skated out to confront her. Thunstrom was first up for BC and she outskated Lacasse and put the puck by her. Veharanta tried again for the Friars but was stopped cold. Bolden went in on the shot but was saved as well. The Friars last hope Ruff also got saved and that was that, the two teams tied, but BC had a shootout win to add to their record.

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