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Minnesota and Harvard Women’s Hockey battle to a 0-0 tie on Saturday.

By David F.P. [Modest Image Gallery]
December 6th, 2009

CAMBRIDGE, MA-The Golden Gophers from Minnesota arrived in Cambridge for a two game set with Harvard. The first went to the Crimson on Friday, and Bright Hockey Center would be the host to the Saturday rematch. In goal for Minnesota was Noora Raty and for Harvard, Christina Kessler. The game would be hard fought in many senses of the word but despite scoring chances aplenty for both sides the game would end in a zero zero tie after overtime.

Early on Leanna Coskren and Liza Ryabkina each had close shots but a save followed, Brittany Francis’s attack for the Gophers went over the net. At 3:45 she was called for high sticking giving the Crimson a power play, but as expected no goals resulted, and Emily West even had a short handed try. At even strength Chelsey Jones had a slapper which was glove saved by Kessler. Kathryn Farni had a shot from in the center, and Kaitlin Spurling smacked one in that was glove saved. At about the 10 minute mark Harvard had managed 11 shots to Minnesota’s 3. That would be a trend for the game, with Harvard having far more shots, but in the end neither side got it in the net.

Jillian Dempsey broke in on net but the defense broke it up. A small altercation broke out as the play was being whistled however.

At 11:52 Katharine Chute went into the penalty box for holding giving Minnesota a power play, M12 let a shot fly but not surprisingly it was saved, and more saves followed. The penalty was killed, and at 14:18 Kelli Blankenship went in the box for slashing. The shots on goal ratio was 13 to 6 at this point for Harvard. Farni managed a shot, but the penalty was killed. Another Harvard shot went in but the rebound missed the net despite having a gap to work with. Laura May and Anne Schleper passed it on their own attack as they go through the D but a save resulted. At the end of 1, Harvard had 14 shots and Minnesota 7.

Period 2 presented more of the same, Sarah Erickson swept in with a shot, on an attack of her own Ryabkina tripped but shot the puck anyway. West was called for slashing at 1:23 I believe for causing Ryabkina’s trip. Farni had a shot during the power play, though Alexandra Zebro had a short handed try as well. Back to even strength they went and Randi Griffin had a shot which was glove saved. Minnesota went a skater down again when Kelly Seeler was called for roughing at 5:17. Harvard however could not get many opportunities out of that power play. As play continued Ryabkina several times, and Coskren had shots but to no avail. At the halfway point in the period Harvard had 19 shots to Minnesota’s 9.

Ryabkina swooped in on net, but the result was clear, other close shots followed for the home team but saves followed. Harvard was called for a penalty at 11:22 and Griffin went in the box for Hooking. Megan Bozek slapped a shot in but it was save, and the Gophers put up a lot of pressure, but in the end no goals. May sliced in but her backhand was saved.

Mira Jalosuo was called for slashing putting the Crimson on the power play at 15:36, though at 15:59 Ryabkina went in the box for hooking. With four on four hockey underway the puck ended up in front of the Minnesota net and a scrum ensued resulting in three gophers in the net, but no puck. Seeler had a few shots of her own, and the Minnesota penalty soon wrapped up, as did the Harvard one.

The Crimson had another close call when two teammates made it in on goal, but were stuffed. Jones had a dangerous range from a diagonal angle but it was saved all the same as well. At the end of 2, Harvard had 26 shots, and Minnesota 15.

Period 3 naturally had a similar result, Anna McDonald had a shot, Francis back handed in front of the net, Bozek had a slap shot n net, West the same.

At 4:59 Blankenship went in the box for checking, and Harvard went on the power play again, though among the action was a Jones short handed try. At 6:09 Terra Rasmussen went in the box for hooking giving the Crimson a two person advantage. Multiple shots ensued from Ryabkina and others, though West even managed a short handed try. The penalty’s were eventually killed off. At 12:44 the shots on goal ratio was 30 to 20 in favor of Harvard.

Jones had a slapper but it was saved. Zebro sent her shot into the screen but it was saved all the same. M16’s shot went wide. Another Harvard centering pass resulted in no goal as well. The shots continued including Jalosuo, Rasmussen, Spurling, Farni, and Seeler twice.

At 16:00 Seeler went in the box for high sticking giving Harvard another power play, Kelsey Romatoski, Chute, and Cori Bassett had their shots, but the penalty was killed. More Harvard shots mainly emerged though Minnesota had their chances. At the end of regulation it was 37 to 28.

Overtime came and went as well, each side took their shots, and Harvard added a couple of shots and Minnesota 1 to wrap up the shot total at 39 to 29.

It is hard to describe how exciting the games can be even without goals being scored, which I would assume is soccer’s problem as well, but there was plenty of action in this one.

These reports are offense heavily just because its easier to follow, attempts are made to add defensive plays as well as they are no doubt important to the success of a hockey team, just harder to keep track of. Attempts are made to record as many game happenings as possible, but these reports are by no means exhaustive.

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