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UConn Women’s Hockey tops Boston University 4 to 3 on Friday Night

By David F.P. [Modest Image Gallery]
December 4, 2009

STORRS, CT- The Boston University Terriers, ranked 10th in the country, traveled down to the University of Connecticut to take on the Huskies and to start a home and home series on Friday night. The result would be a win for the home team in a hard fought game that involved many penalties and scoring opportunities. In goal for Boston U was Melissa Haber, and in goal for the Huskies, Alexandra Garcia.

As period one began each side had their opportunities on the attack though few shots actually went on net. When BU was in the UConn zone the Huskies did a good job breaking up centering passes as several were deflected out of danger. Melissa Anderson was called for the first penalty of the game at 6:53 when she was called for body checking and Uconn went on the power play, but the Terriers cleared the puck effectively and no goal was scored. At the halfway point of the period UConn had managed 3 shots and Boston U 1.

Cristin Allen came up with a shot but was gloved saved by BU’s keeper. Kohanchuk zoomed in on net fighting off half the UConn defense to keep skating on her attack, but to no avail. Jill Cardella came up with a shot, but it was saved by Garcia. Allen had a shot from back in the zone in return but it was saved by Haber.

UConn had their first penalty of the game when Allen was called for tripping at 12:05. The Huskies did a good job killing the penalty, including a save on Kirchner’s shot into the crowd at close range, and the Huskies broke up several attacks. Jennifer Chaisson even led a short handed try. During the power play, Sarah Appleton used her body to keep the puck in the zone and avoid a reset.

Later in the period Holly Lorms and Jody Sydor faced off during a Lorms breakaway attempt but the Terrier slipped stopping the momentum. At the 4:55 mark the shots on goal was 5 to 5 even but no score.

The drought was broken at 15:11 when BU scored thanks to Jillian Kirchner feeding Kasey Boucher a pass across the net. Garcia slid to deal with the first threat, but Boucher had a wide gap in the net to work with and she hit it home. Lauren Cherewyk also had an assist on the goal.

Play resumed and soon Kohanchuk broke in on the attack, but was stopped. Later in the period Casey Knajdek dived to break up a play, and Brittany Murphy went on the breakaway for the Huskies. The result was a scrum at the net as the home team tried to poke it in with no success. A Allen slap shot also did not find the net later than that.

At the end of the first period Boston University would lead 1 to 0, though Connecticut had the shot lead 10-8.

Period 2 opened auspiciously for the Terriers as Jenelle Kohanchuk ended up in front of the net, and shot past Garcia, assisted by Cherewyk and Melissa Anderson at 22 seconds. To make matters worse for the Huskies Monique Weber was called for checking at 2:36 putting the team down a player. All the same, both Allen and Sydor came up with short handed shots on goal and Chaisson and Amy Hollstein added their own. The Huskies had managed to spend a great deal of the BU power play on the attack and eventually the penalty was killed.

Connecticut struck when Jennifer Chaisson fed Kelly Horan and she sent it to the top right hand corner of the net at 5:33. the score was now 2-1.

Laurel Koller’s attempt to score went wide, though a penalty on Rebecca Hewett for interference at 6:57 had the Terriers on the power play again. Garcia came up with multiple saves in the ensuing attack and the Huskies killed another power play off. By the middle of the period, Connecticut had 16 shots to BU’s 12.

BU called a time out as well.

When play resumed Carly Warren was called for hooking at 11:55 putting the Huskies on the power play and the used it to advantage. Sami Evelyn scored on the rebound assisted by Chaisson at 12:31 to tie things up.

Later on on a Connecticut breakaway, Melissa Tetreau and a Husky collided knocking Tetreau to the ice but also gaining her a tripping call at 14:59. Samantha Pulley went in the box to serve the penalty, and 4 seconds later Michelle Binning received a pass and backhanded it past Taber to take the lead with another power play goal for UConn. She was assisted by Horan in the effort.

Haber however came up with numerous other key saves as Connecticut unleashed several more attacks, including a perfect setup pass which she had to account for. As the period was winding down Hewett was called for interference at 18:03 and went in the box giving the Terriers a power play for the rest of the frame. They however could not capitalize and the period came to a close, with the shot differential 23 to 13, and Connecticut up by 1.

Period 3 opened and UConn killed the last few seconds of the power play. Jessica Lutz came up with a wrist shot that was deflected but not soon after Sami Evelyn launched a shot from near the blue line straight in, and it ended up in the net at 1:55, she was assisted by Cristin Allen in the effort.

BU however bounced back and Kirchner ended up to the right of the net. She shot it and despite being at a right angle to the keeper it ended up in the net at 3:14 assisted by Cherewyk. Connecticut now had only a one goal lead to hold on to.

Kelly Horan went on several breakaways but had them broken up. BU did respond to the deficit with a lot of pressure but few actual shots. Later on Cardella stick handled handily in but could not turn it into point. Kathryn Miller sent an attack into a traffic filled area in front of the net, but the save was made by Garcia all the same. B5’s close shot and Lorms’s rebound were both saved. Horan went on another breakaway and Hewett had a shot broken up.

Kirchner was called for hooking at 10:19 and UConn had a chance to extend the lead further. Hewett, Murphy, and Sydor all had their shots but all saved or otherwise and the penalty was killed.

Lauren Cherewyk, Kirchner, and Koller all had their chances for the Terriers as well but the goal lamp was not lit. UConn kept up the pressure too as the time ticked off the clock. Jonnie Bloemers was called for body checking at 14:58 deepening the hole for the visitors. Allen had a shot on goal, though Kohanchuk managed a short handed chance for her team as well, and the penalty was killed. UConn did keep BU from being able to pull their goalie for awhile but eventually Haber hit the bench and the 6th skater emerged. Still despite some close calls, the advantage did not work and even Anderson got called for checking with 2 seconds left in the game effectively ending the chance the Terriers had.

UConn will go on the road now up to BU to take on the white and red Saturday afternoon.

These reports are offense heavily just because its easier to follow, attempts are made to add defensive plays as well as they are no doubt important to the success of a hockey team, just harder to keep track of.

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