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The WIRlwind for 3/7-3/8

by David F.P.
Scores from Troester

It’s the Weekend In Review (the WIRlwind) for the past weekend.

SCSU 187.55 Bridgeport 191.2

The Owls battled their Division 2 rivals down on the shoreline and picked, but Bridgeport took the win. For SCSU Briana DiPinto vaulted to a 9.525 team meet high score with Stephanie Kuska and Justine Basley close behind. On the Bars, Sarah Darst and Basley tag teamed the top score of 9.65, and Kuska added a 9.5. On the Beam, DiPinto’s 9.7 set the pace and was the team’s highest score of the meet. Arianna Mallardi picked up a 9.6 as well. On the Floor, Basley picked up a 9.6 to top the team scoring, and Samantha Laraway wasn’t far behind.

For the Purple Knights, Lorraine Galow’s 9.675 Vault was the team high, and Miranda Der, Amanda Goodman, Jamie DePaola, and Hannah Forti were close behind. On the Bars, which turned out to the be the best team even of the evening, Hannah Forti’s 9.75 was the team best, Galow added a 9.65, Der a 9.625, and Carissa Huggins a 9.6, with Shannon Cain not far back. On the Beam, Emily Repko’s 9.725 was tops, Galow had a 9.7, and Der scored a 9.65 as well. On the Floor, Breanna Collins scored a 9.75, Repko a 9.7, Der a 9.67, and Galow a 9.625. Galow posted a 38.65 in the All Around and Der a 38.475. A lot of top scorers this time around for UB.

Cornell 190.35, Rutgers 190.075

The Ivy Classic champs rolled into Piscataway and picked up a close win in the battle of shades of red as the Big Red took on the Scarlet Knights. Cornell scored a 48.375 led by Kerri Lavallee’s 9.825, and all other gymnasts scoring 9.5 or better including Emily Santoro’s 9.725. On the Bars, Jennifer Yee had the team topping 9.8 and Bethany Neczypor had a 9.65. On the Beam, Melanie Standridge posted a 9.75, and Neczypor added a second 9.65. On the Floor, Maddie Pearsall’s 9.7 set the high, and Stacey Ohara was behind her with a 9.625. Pearsall’s 37.975 in the All Around was barely edged out by Rutgers’ Nicole Schwartz.

For the home team, Schwartz picked up the All Around with a 38. On the Vault, Danae Johnson had a 9.8 and Latara Northcutt a 9.675, along with Alyssa Lewandowski’s 9.6. On the Bars, Erica Gerlach picked up a team leading 9.675. On the Beam, it was Northcutt’s 9.725 leading the way, with Jessica Haddaway, Brooke Schwanburger, and Schwartz close. On the Floor, RU’s best event of the day, Schwartz flipped to a 9.675, and Maddie Zwiebel and Kiah Banfield added 9.65s.

Bridgeport 190.575, William and Mary 192.250

Another high score for Bridgeport wasn’t enough to top the Tribe from W&M, but both teams had a good scoring day. For the visiting Purple Knights, Lorraine Galow’s 9.775 vault was the team best, Miranda Der followed with her 9.7, and Jamie DePaola’s 9.6, along with Amanda Goodman and Hannah Forti filled out the counted scores. Forti had the high among knights on the uneven bars with a 9.7. Leila Behbahani and Galow picked up 9.625s as well. On the Beam, Der and Galow shared the 9.75 purple high. On the Floor, the best even of the night, Galow posted a 9.775, Der a 9.75, Breanna Collins a 9.675, Emily Repko a 9.65, and Jessica Watts a 9.575. In the All Around, Galow had a 38.925, and Der a 38.45.

For the hosts, Dina McNaughton led the team’s Vault rotation and Jen Stack added a 9.6. On the Bars, Melissa Cream, Kristin Milardo, and Stack had 9.725s. Over on Beam, Cream’s 9.675 was tops, and on Floor, McNaughton posted the 9.875, Becca Bacharach had a 9.75, with Cream, Lauren Jackson, and Milardo adding 9.675s. Milardo also had a 38 in the All Around.

Yale 183.5, Towson 192.5

Yale’s best event of the day was Floor with a 47.625. Brigitte Kivisto and Allison Mak both had the top scores for the team on the vault of 9.6. On the Bars, Alina Liao took the team high of 9.575. On the Beam, Liao posted a 9.825, and Kivisto flipped to a 9.725. On the Floor, Liao had a 9.825, and Kivisto added a 9.75. Sarah Hughes added a 9.475 and Sherry Yang a 9.45. Liao scored a 38.475 on the floor.

For the reigning ECAC Champs Towson, their best event of the day turned out to be Floor with a 48.875 and they had a 48.775 on Vault. No one in the Tigers rotation scored less than 9.6 on vault, and Avis Hixon took the team high of 9.85, with Kacy Catanzaro and Alise McDonald picking up 9.8 as well. Jackie Schweitzer’s 9.725 set the team pace on the Bars. Over on Beam, it was Lindsay Poplaski’s 9.725 topping the team scoring. On the Floor, Hixon and McDonald both picked up 9.825, Alyssa Dittman a 9.775, Megan Wooden a 9.75, and Poplaski rounded out the counted scores adding a 9.7. McDonald won the All Around with her 38.6, and Wooden added a 37.975.

Sacramento State 194.625. Bowling Green 192.4, New Hampshire 192.525, UC-Davis 192.95

Sacramento State posted a season high to top BGSU, UNH, and UC-Davis, which likely will help their efforts to get into the top 36. For the Hornets, no gymnast scored below 9.625 on the Vault, and Marina Borisova’s 9.75 topped the team with Amber Basgall and Traci Takeda had 9.725s. On the Bars, Borisova’s 9.875 was the best team score, Amanda Blauvelt had a 9.775, and Lauren Dyson swung to a 9.75. On Beam, Takeda hit a 9.825, Alycia Chan a 9.775, Eryn Stubblefield a 9.725, and Borisova and Lizzy Norvell rounded out the counted scores. On the Floor, the best event of the day for Sac State, Chan flew to a 9.9, with Borisova and Basgall flipping to 9.775s as well. Borisova’s 39.075 won the All Around and Stubblefield had a 38.725.

New Hampshire had a lower score than usual but still had a variety of individual good scores. Helena Diodati’s 9.8 was the best Vault score of the day for the Wildcats, Katie Caliendo had a 9.775 as well. On the Bars, Diodati’s 9.825 and Ali Carr’s 9.8 set the pace, and Danielle Reibold and Keeley Smith had 9.725s. On the Beam, Katie Lawrence hit a 9.825 and Smith a 9.8 with Chelsea Steinberg adding a 9.725. On the Floor, Taryn LaFountain notched a 9.8, Justine Turner a 9.825, and Smith a 9.7.

For UC-Davis Tanya Ho’s 9.725, and Stacy Nicolini’s 9.7 topped the team’s Vault rotation. On the Bars, Lida Gehlen hit a 9.85 in her lone event, and Ho and Kendall McCann were not far behind. On the Beam Erika Van Dyke posted a team high 9.725. On the Floor, Andi Dolinski and Adee Schoffman both had 9.775, Jennifer Mueller added a 9.75, and Van Dyke a 9.725. Ho scored 38.45 in the All Around as well.

The Falcons of BGSU were led by Andrea Kinzer’s 9.7 on the Vault, followed by Jenna Wirtanen’s 9.675. On the Bars, Amber Brewer picked up a 9.725 and Breanne Guy a 9.7. On Beam, Guy’s 9.675 was the best score for her team, and Jholeen Ponce added a 9.625, with Kasey Fillmore and Queenita Gamble scoring 9.6s. On the Floor, the best event of the day for Bowling Green, Guy had a 9.75, Morgan Balzer a 9.725, Fillmore and Wirtanen a 9.7 and Gamble a 9.675. Guy scored a 38.625 in the All Around as well.