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Bridgeport sets school record 191.150 in win over Brown’s 189.575: First Look

By David. F.P. (Scores from eyewitness accounts, confirmed by Troester) [ Image Gallery ]

PROVIDENCE, RI- It would be a good day for both the Bridgeport Purple Knights and their hosts in the Brown Bears, but Bridgeport would also pick up the win and a school record score.

Bridgeport’s 191.15 came off solid performances from their lineup and especially high scores among the bottom of the order. Bridgeport began on the Bars and this would actually prove to be their lowest scoring event, but Miranda Der hit for a 9.7, Lorraine Galow added a 9.6, Leila Behbahani led off the rotation with a 9.45, Carissa Huggins continues her consistent output on her event specialty with a 9.375 and Hannah Forti’s 9.2725 capped off the scoring. Over on the Vault the team nearly broke 48 when all six gymnasts scored with .2 of each other with Galow’s 9.675 the top score, Amanda Goodman close behind, and Jamie DePaola, Der, Forti, and Katherine Reitz filling in good scores after that.

Floor would be the highest event score of the day narrowly missing 47.95 as well. Galow’s 9.75 set the team’s pace, Collins was about a point behind her, Stephanie Morgan and Repko both added 9.55s, and Reitz a 9.475 for a team effort. Beam would also come with some struggles but the knights fought through it to keep the team scoring high. Emily Repko hit a 9.85 and Galow a 9.825 to anchor the rotation. Caroline McAvity’s 9.7 pushed the score higher, and Yvonne Scott added a 9.425, and Breanna Collins added the last counted score to get the team score for the day up to the school record. Galow picked up a 38.85 score in the all around for her efforts and Der scored 37.35

Brown also had a very good day, and a score like this puts them in position to contend for the Ivy Classic title. The Bears opened up with a concrete vault score to get things going. Carli Wiesenfeld’s 9.6 was best among her team, Chelsey Binkley and Lilly Siems were close behind, Lauren Tucker’s 9.425, and Melissa Bowe’s 9.325 added into the counted scores. The bars would be the low point of the day though Bowe posted a 9.45, and Izzy Kirkham-Lewitt a 9.325 to lead the team. Siems, Vicki Zanelli, and Jennifer Sobuta all added scores around 9 for the day.

The treacherous beam turned out to be a solid rotation as Lauren Tucker’s 9.75 was tops among hosts, Binkley adds a 9.65, Zanelli a 9.55, Wiesenfeld a 9.55, and Siems a 9.35 to wrap up the counted scores. The Bears would finish very strongly on Floor though. Whitney Diederich scored a 9.4, Wiesenfeld added a 9.5, Tucker flipped to a 9.55, Katie Goddard flew to a 9.675 in her lone event, Helen Segal and Binkley both blew the roof of the place with their 9.8 and 9.825 respectively to break through to a 48.35. Wiesenfeld had a 37.175 in the All Around for the day based on her performances.

As I was trying to follow both teams at once I admittedly didn’t see the scores building, and with both teams having their lowest scoring events on Bars early on it didn’t seem like each team was building high scores, but as often happens, gymnasts rebound from one event and score high in another one, and I noticed the scores were shooting upward to cheers as the Beam and Floor rotations were going on. Each team has a lot of reason to celebrate.

Bridgeport put together a stellar day, and even had a weaker event for the day, which if they hit, who knows where the scores can go. For Brown, they also boosted their scoring big time even with a relatively tough day on Bars. A very good day all around.

I’m going to be looking at the video to see how the moves stack up to previous routines and what elements led to today’s scoring.

Bridgeport Floor:

Brown Floor:

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