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Bridgeport 186.9 Yale 184.125

By David F.P.
(Scores from eyewitness viewing and checked against Troester.)

NEW HAVEN, CT- It hasn’t been often in recent memory that Bridgeport has picked up the win over Yale but Yale is currently shorthanded and Bridgeport is loaded with specialists adding to a combination that led to the win despite Yale putting their talented core out there as well. There was good news all around though as Yale improved its scoring and had frequent starter Brigitte Kivisto in the lineup for two events rather than just one as had been the case the past few weeks.

Rotation 1 opened with Yale on Bars and Bridgeport on the Vault. The Uneven bars have not been the best event this year so far and today it also brought a low score along for the ride. Though it is important to note the difficulty levels are high and there are several release moves in the routines. As scoring was concerned it was a tough day but Alina Liao picked up a 9.8 with her fast routine to anchor the rotation. Yale only competed five on this event taking away their margin for error.

Over on the Vault, Lorraine Galow picked up the top score from the fifth spot with a 9.575, Jamie DePaola and Hannah Forti weren’t far behind with 9.45 and 9.425 respectively. Kat Reitz and Miranda Der also contributed to the team score.
Rotation 1 Score: UB:46.8, Yale: 43.55

In Rotation 2 Yale moved to the Vault, and had a much better time of it. The Bulldogs only had five vaulters as well but came up big with Allison Mak’s 9.525 top team score, Liao’s 9.45, Lauren Tatsuno’s 9.4, Sherry Yang’s 9.3, and Micaline Tomeo’s 9.075. It was a solid outing top to bottom.

Over on the Bars though Bridgeport was also finding success. Carissa Huggins led the team as she hit her release and stuck the landing for a 9.475, Hannah Forti had a 9.45, Galow a 9.4, and Leila Behbahani a 9.25. Shannon Cain added the fifth score.
Rotation 2 Score: UB: 46.525, Yale 46.75

Yale moved to the dangerous beam for their third rotation. Despite it’s reputation Yale had actually carved out quite a few good scores on the event. Lauren Tatsuno anchored the rotation with a 9.7. Kivisto, sitting 2nd in the lineup had a 9.625. Mak and Liao both had to settle for scores just above 9. Yale only had five compete on this event as well.

On the Floor Bridgeport put up their best numbers of the day. Stephanie Morgan and Katherine Reitz’s routines both were 9.4s. Brooke Lawson hit a 9.45, Emily Repko a 9.55, Breanna Collins a 9.625, and Galow flew to a 9.75.
Rotation 3 Score: UB:47.775, Yale: 46.175

Bridgeport was on a roll, though Yale was showing plenty of signs of life in what is a long season. The Purple Knights moved to Beam and their roughest rotation of the day. While four gymnasts fell below the 9 point line though three were barely, Emily Repko’s 9.55 and Breanna Collins 9.525 helped keep the score afloat.

Over on Floor Yale had a very good day. Liao didn’t let the Beam score interfere with her rocking and flipping to a 9.825. Kivisto returned to the floor in this meet and picked up right where she left off with a 9.775. Tatsuno’s 9.675 also helped the score. The steadfast Sarah Hughes was able to score a 9.375 with her routine. Sherry Yang added the last counted score.
Rotation 4 Scores: UB: 45.8 Yale: 47.65

The final score was
186.9-184.125 Bridgeport.

Top Finishers:
All Around
Alina Liao (Y) 38.175 Lorraine Galow (UB) 37.225, Allison Mak (Y) 35.9
Galow 9.575 Mak 9.525 Liao 9.45 Jamie DePaolo (UB) 9.45
Uneven Bars
Liao 9.8 Carissa Huggins (UB) 9.475, Hannah Forti (UB) 9.45
Balance Beam
Lauren Tatsuno (Y) 9.7 Brigitte Kivisto (Y) 9.625, Emily Repko (UB) 9.55
Floor Exercise
Liao 9.825, Kivisto 9.775, Galow 9.75

Routines Lists:
+ Bridgeport
+ Yale