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Sacred Heart at Central Connecticut Volleyball Mini-Report


[Modest 2008 CCSU Volleyball Image Gallery]
(I unfortunately do not have the time to write up a full play by play report right now due to the timing of the match so here’s a brief summary.)

Sacred Heart pulled out to a 2-0 set lead though Set 1 came easier for them then Set 2. Central battled back to win Set 3, and also pulled themselves out of a deficit to keep even in Set 4, only to have the set and match win slip out of their hands narrowly.  Sacred Heart wins the match 3-1, but it was far closer than the score stated. I haven’t looked over all the scoring yet, but the usual Central players scored well including Amanda Olmstead, Jamie Baumert, Amanda Bayer, and Lauren Snyder.  Libero Kaitlin Petrella had a variety of key defensive plays as did Danielle Gasser. It was Gasser who had perhaps the highlight of the game when she lined up for a set at midcourt then at the last minute faked it sending the ball over the net to a gap in the Sacred Heart defense causing the crowd to whoot at the deception.

For Sacred Heart Maile Hetherington was blasting spikes all over the place, Brittany Best, Ashlyn Trimble, and Courtney Kidd-Kadlubek were also scoring and Libero Jessica Colberg picked up a variety of key saves of her own.  This is an oversimplification of a hard fought match and I will be providing updates this weekend.

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