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CCSU Blue Devil Invitational Day 2 in detail. 2nd Half.

by David F.P. [Modest 2008 CCSU Volleyball Image Gallery]

NEW BRITAIN, CT- With Iona now on the road and Central remaining the only undefeated team left in the tourney, Stony Brook began their competitive day.Bucknell was looking for a win and Stony Brook looking to start on a positive note, before taking on CCSU in the evening game.


Stony Brook vs. Bucknell

It was a fairly even back and forth up to 6-6. Stony Brook’s points in that period came in part from a Jessica Graham ace she served just in bounds along with teammate Ashley Headen’s block kill, and a well placed spike just in bounds. Bucknell’s Heidi Kamp tapped an attack in behind the defense to tie things up at 6, but then Stony Brook rolled.

Headen picked up a kill to regain the serve for SBU. Michelle Burrola stepped up to serve, and Bucknell then spiked a shot out of bounds and it was 8-6.Burrola then shot an ace which rolled off the defense’s hands.Gulce Nazli Dikecligil of the Seawolves had a huge spike on the next rally, and Graham had two kills of her own to bring the score to 12-6.Dikecligil picked up another point with a spike kill and it was 13-7.Kamp ended the run with a smash to a gap in the Seawolves D and it was 13-7. Kaitlin Segal picked up a spike to reduce the lead to 5, but SBU’s Kelsey Sullivan came up with the point to put it to 14-8.Bucknell wasn’t going away though and picked up a pair of points on Stony Brook sending shots out of bounds.Segal then sent an attack flying off the D and out of bounds to cut the lead to 3, 14-11.Lisa Doremus scored on a kill for the Seawolves, but Lindsay Smith fired back for Bucknell.A pair of mistakes on the part of each team traded points, and a few more miscues followed. It was soon 18-14.

Following that, Alicia Nelson and Dikecligil picked up spikes to extend the lead for SBU, and Bucknell spiked an attack out of bounds to make it a 7 point lead for Seawolves. Bucknell kept up the attack picking up a pair of points, including when Allison Gittings backhanded a ball over the net and it dropped into a gap her opponent’s defense. The two teams traded points but Kyleigh McAhren and Segal combined on a block to bring the Bison within 22-18.Unfortunately a pair of attacks out of bounds and into the net put SBU one away from victory.Kelsey Sullivan served up an Ace off the D to close it out for the ‘wolves.

Set 2 began with a bang as Dikecligal sent a massive serve over the net. It had to be the hardest serve of the tournament if my eyes didn’t deceive me. The rally commenced, but Bucknell touched the net. Anne Ellenberger’s spike put the Bison on board and it was tied.It was a fairly even exchange until Stony Brook took on a run to reach 10-4 lead inpart due to Doremus and Nelson’s kills, and two Michelle Burolla aces as well as some Bucknell missed attacks. It was Burolla who sent a thirdace over to put the lead at six.

The Bison battled right back into it taking advantage of some Stony Brook missteps and knocking two straight spike kills over.Shannon Pitsch also delivered an ace while serving to put BU within 1 11-10.Points were exchanged including a huge spike kill from Nelson, and a tap in from Bucknell’s McAhren.Nelson delivered another kill to put the Seawolves up by 3 again 15-12, but Bucknell got back within 1 on a misplay by SBU.More exchanging of points occurred, including Dikecligil nailing a shot just in bounds.With the score 17-15, SBU started closing the door with a spike kill, benefited from a two hit error on BU, another Dikecligil big kill, and yet another kill from Dikecligil. It was now at 21-15.The two sides traded scores again, and Bucknell began a comeback picking up 3 straight points to put it at 22-19.SBU didn’t let them back in though as Graham spiked just in bounds, and kills from Headen and Doremus ended the set 25-19.

Bucknell’s Liz Hazukua opened set 3 by spiking the ball off the defense and out of bounds and it was 0-1, but Doremus whacked an attack into the gap to make it 1-1. The Bison proceeded to go on a tear pulling out to a 1-9 lead including a Ellenberger and Kamp block, an Ace delivered by Hazukua, some missteps from SBU, Segal finding the right corner of the defense and smacking a shot into it, as well as two more SBU missed attacks. Ellenberger and Kamp closed out the run when they combined on another block.

Stony Brook responded with another point to make it 2-9, and Graham dropped a serve in front of the defense for an ace.She then proceeded to deliver 3 more straight aces including a heater which landed just in bounds.With the score now 6-9Kamp delivered a kill, but Doremus found a corner to hammer an attack into and it was 7-10.Ellenberger responded with another kill, and an exchanged of missed shots lead to Bucknell holding on to an 8-12 lead.

The battling continued with spike kills coming from both sides including Dikecligil picking up 3 kills, Kelsey Sullivan an Ace, and Graham delivering a big time spike in. Bucknell had their own points as well, but when the dust cleared it was 17-17.

Nelson and Headen combined on a block to give the Seawolves their first lead of the set, but a spike out of bounds tied the game back up.Nelson had a spike which flew off the Bison and way out of bounds, and then combined on a block with Headen to make it 20-18. Segal responded with a spike of her own to pull the Bison back within 1.

Following an attack error from the Bison, Jeanette Gibbs dropped a serve in front of the defense for an Ace.With the score at 22-19, a BU time out followed.

Bucknell came out of the break with Segal delivering a spike for a 22-20 score, but Dikecligil smashed a kill which ricocheted off the defense and way into the seats.McAhren responded for the Bison with her spike, and a when she served SBU misplayed it to give her the ace and put Bucknell within 1. Dikecligil dropped the hammer with a spike to put the ‘wolves at 24-22, and Sullivan sent a serve over which the Bison misplayed putting Stony Brook at 25-22 for the win of the set and match.

Stony Brook had gotten their first win of the tourney, but their reward would be a match against the only undefeated team left, who also were playing on their home court, CCSU.


Stony Brook vs. Central.

Set 1 opened with Lauren Snyder putting CCSU on the board with a spike just in bounds. SBU’s Lisa Doremus and Alicia Nelson both hit the ball over the net in a miscommunication, but it worked as the ball somehow baffled the defense and it was 1-1. Amanda Olmstead responded for Central with a mega spike from her right to the defense’s right corner. The score was evened at 2-2 and Stony Brook picked up a pair of points on a Nelson spike and then a block of hers. A spike out of bounds put Central back within one, but Doremus had a spike to put her team back up by 2.A serve into the net by the Seawolves had the score back at 4-5, but SBU pulled away on a Central error, a Gulce Nazli Dikecligil spike following a great save by CCSU, a block, and a spike out ofbounds by the Blue Devils following abig rally. The score was now 4-9. A serve into the net ended the run, but Dikecligil attacked to put the lead back at 5.Points went back and forth including an Amanda Bayer ace, Snyder delivered a major spike off the defense’s hands to make things 9-12 and an SBU hit out of bounds had the Blue devils back within 2. 10-12.

Each team’s number 7 traded spikes with Doremus and then Jamie Baumert delivering the shots in.SBU’s Headen used a tap in behind defenders to put SBU up by 3, and a missed set from Central brought the score to 11-15.Tori Vaughan closed the gap again with a tap over, but Headen ended a long back and forth with a block, 12-16.

The back and forth continued including CCSU’s Maite Mendizabal sending a mega spike to a gap, and an Olmstead attack which blasted off the defense and into the seats. Some miscues on both sides kept the score gap from changing too much, and Jessica Graham came up big with a spike to keep the lead at 4, 15-19.The two sides continued with points back and forth until a time out by Stony Brook at the 17-19 mark.

When play resumed, Graham knocked a kill off the defense, and then proceeded to pick up an Ace for a 17-21 lead.A time out was called by CCSU, but when it passed, Graham picked up two more aces to bring the score to 17-23. CCSU called another time out logically. SBU had proved to be a very dangerous serving team in the tournament. Headen and Doremus then combined on a block sending the score to 17-24 though the official scoring says it was an attack error.

Central was in a hole, the Seawolves was one point away from victory, and the Blue Devils would need 7 straight points to keep from losing.This was a tall order, but they did it.Central came up with a spike for their 18th point. Olmstead stepped into service and in the ensuring back and forth, SBU then hit a ball out of bounds and it was 19-24.Snyder and Baumert then tapped a shot over and it was 20-24. A time out was called by SBU now. Olmstead then delivered two straight aces, including one just in bounds which the defense avoided.The score was now 22-24.The pressure was building for both teams and the Seawolves committed a two hit error and then spiked a ball out of bounds to bring it to 24-24.

With the immediate danger passed, but more work to do, Baumert and Vaughan combined on a block to take the lead for Central, but Doremus stopped the bleeding with a spike off the D to tie it back up. Central tapped a shot over the defense to regain the lead, but Headen responded with a spike to a gap for SBU. Baumert responded with a rocket off the defense and bout of bounds, but Dikecligil had a kill in response.It was Baumert again with the kill, but Graham responded with finesse to tap over a point.Olmstead had a crosscourt blast to regain the lead, but a Central shot out of bounds on the next exchange tied the game up.It was Olmstead again scoring for Central, but following a long battle back and forth SBU picked up a point on a missed return.An error on Stony Brook’s part put Central back in the lead, but despite a great defensive save on CCSU’s part on the ensuing exchange, Nelson delivered a massive spike to tie things back up. It was now 31-31.

Baumert attacked for the next point, but Headen returned the favor.Baumert then sent a smash over to regain the advantage, but then next point went SBU’s way when Kelsey Sullivan tapped one by the defense.Amanda Bayer finessed a tap over in response, but Graham hammered a blast over to tie things back up. Dikecligil’s attack then took the lead for SBU, but Bayer tapped an attack over sideways to a gap to tie things back up, and Snyder smashed a ball off the defense to put Central back in the lead.

A serve into the net tied things back up and Doremus and Nelson combined on a block to take the lead again.The Seawolves hit the ball out of bounds to tie things back up but Graham spiked an attack in, and then closed things out with an Ace off the defense out of bounds for a 37-39, Stony Brook win in the marathon set. .

Set 2 began with a 3-0 run for Central off SBU’s errors, and Lauren Snyder faking a set and instead tapping an attack over the defense.Dikecligil came out with a spike off the defense to make it 3-1. Nelson added a spike for a second Stony Brook point, but they then served out of bounds and spiked an attack into the net and Central had a 5-2 lead.

The two teams started exchanging points back and forth including a Snyder tap over and a Dikecligil and Headen combination block.Vaughan came up with a spike kill, and Headen had a spike off the block to the floor to bring the Seawolves back within two only to have a serve out of bounds extend the Central advantage to 3.A CCSU error and Dikecligil and Graham’s spikes got the set to 8-8. The teams continued to trade back and forth on points, but Stony Brook started building a lead. A time out was called by CCSU but when play resumed the scoring continued for Stony Brook.Dikecligil had a service ace and Graham and Doremus combined on a block to put the lead at 11-18, before the Seawolves served out of bounds to end the run.Snyder than spiked a shot just in bounds to bring the score to 13-18.Baumert had a putback to bring it to 14-18 and then she combined with Vaugan on a block to make it 15-18. Stony Brook called a time out.

Despite a great CCSU save on the following play, Doremus hammered a spike and it was 15-19.Nelson added an attack of her own next, but a block out of bounds had the score at 16-20.Another spike kill followed for SBU as did a time out called by Central. CCSU scored again to get back within 4, but Nelson enlarged the lead on a kill just in bounds to the defense’s left corner, though Baumert responded with a spike kill.Stony Brook had two more points to put themselves within 1 of the win with an 18-24lead, though the had been there before.Mendizabal tapped an attack in to bring the Blue Devils to 19, but when CCSU misplayed a ball on the next play it was 19-25 and a set win for Stony Brook. Stony Brook 2, CCSU 1.

Central had narrowly lost set 1, and had been fighting hard in set 2, but needed to win set 3 to stay alive.The set started off fairly evenly going back and forth with the usual players making the points. This continued until Dikecligil had 3 straight spike kills to put SB up 5-7. During the earlier rally, Burrola had had a good save to keep a long exchange going. Burrola then blasted an ace in on her serve for SB, and another kill put the Seawolves up 5-9. A time out was called by Central.

When play resumed, Snyder raced back out of bounds to try play a set ball and managed to smack it back towards the playing area.Mendizabal saw it and tapped the unlikely set over catching the defense unprepared and bring the Blue Devils back within 3.It was Mendizabal with a spike on the following play. SB then spiked a all out of bounds, and a Central followed that up with a mega spike. Dikecligil came back with a point for SBU, but a serve out of bounds but a serve out of bounds returned a point and ball to Central.

Graham thundered a spike on the blue and white during the next volley to make it 9-12, but then the teams exchanged points on mistakes and errors. CCSU climbed back with one thanks in part to a Snyder smash and with the score 12-13, a missed set put the Blue Devils back down by two.Baumert smashed an assault off the D to make it 13-14, and Danielle Gasser’s serve bounced off a diving defender to even the score 14-14.Stony Brook called a not unexpected time out.

The teams exchanged points again, including a block from Laura Hansen and Baumert but the visitors took off on a run with Dikecligil passing a ball over which the defense mishandled, and then she and Doremus combined on a block.Kelsey Sullivan picked up an ace and it was Dikecligil again with a spike off the blockers to the floor. A time out was called at the 15-19 mark by the Blue Devils, and SB came out of the gate with a serve out of bounds, though Central misplayed the next ball to give up the momentary comeback.Doremus then smacked a shot in that the D misplayed and it was 16-21 with a 3 set sweep looming.

Stony Brook served into the net, and Snyder followed it up with a blast to the corner for another point. She scored again and then again to make it 20-21. Stony Brook came back with a point, but then served out of bounds.Olmstead delivered an Ace on the next play and the set was tied 22-22.She followed that up with a kill, though a block out of bounds by the Blue Devils tied the game back up. The Seawolves spiked into the net and then out of bounds to put CCSU over the top 25-23.

Stony Brook now led 2-1

Central had to keep winning to keep the match alive and had already played as many sets as the other teams had in the entire tourney. The two teams fought to a 5-5 tie to open things up but Stony Brook took a lead on some Central errors, and a spike just in bounds which the D didn’t try to return. It was soon 6-9, and two squads continued to send points back and forth around a 2 to 3 point lead for SB.Stony Brook touched the net to make it 11-13, and Snyder delivered an ace serve to put Central within one, but the Seawolves pulled back away off a Doremus spike, a Nelson kill, and Headen a blocking kill. CCSU called a time out but Doremus shot a serve over which the D mishandled and the Ace was hers.The run ended when Stony Brook made an error but the score was now 13-18.

SBU regained their momentum when Nelson swatted a spike off the blockers, and Dikecligil delivered a kill.Following a time out Olmstead hammered a mega spike over and Snyder hit one off the blockers to put CCSU within 3 with the score 20-23, though SBU was getting mightily close to victory. Dikecligil hit a kill in to narrow the margin for victory to one, but a Snyder spike and an SB error brought the devils within 2. Nelson closed the door with her spike to end the set and match 22-25.

A very exciting tournament closed with 3 teams finishing 2-1 and a lot of great moments.

What this report does not encompass much of is the defensive efforts by so many players as well as the assists that may line up the kills. This is due to the fast pace of the action where it is often hard to write down all that is occurring, with so many points happening so quickly, it can be difficult just to get the points themselves, but it is important to stress that the attacks come following defensive plays and assists which are sometimes spectacular in nature and always critical, and they are set by the other members of the teams as well as the offensive attackers.