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Week in Review 3-1-08

By David F.P. ( Scores from Troester) (For info on the UB at URI meet check out the full report on that meet.)

Southern Connecticut, MIT, Ithaca at Brockport (Scores from Troester.)

Brockport gets the win after posting a season high 188.975 top D2 SoCo’s 185.7, D3 Ithaca’s
184.325, and MIT’s 179.9.

SUNY Brockport
Highlights for Brockport included Lauren Gildemeyer’s 9.76 on Vault along with Stephanie
Bakers’ 9.375, Amanda Giannone’s 9.2, and Nicole Fisher’s 9.125. On Bars, Christina
Baggetta led with the team with a 9.6, followed by Gildemeyers; 9.425, Nicole Horodyski’s
9.35, Melissa Mann’s 9.3, and Stephanie Baker’s 9.25. On the Beam, Natalie Lipshutz picked
up the top team score in her lone event with a 9.65, Giannone had a 9.6, Stacy Johnson a
9.55 in her lone event as well, Nicole Visnick also appeared only on this event and score a
9.4, and Gildemeyer picked up a 9.15. Finally on Floor, Brockport really scored well,
Carrie Rock’s 9.825 led the team, with Fisher scoring a 9.775, Gildemeyer a 9.75, Giannone
a 9.6, Brittany Burr a 9.55, and Baggetta a 9.375. Gildemeyer also wrapped up a 37.925 all

Southern Connecticut
Despite the second place finish, there was a lot of good news for the Owls from Southern
Connecticut. Briana DiPinto led the vault with a 9.575, Justine Basley had a 9.475, Erika
Pysh was right behind her with a 9.45, Brittany Otto picked up a 9.325, and Carolyn Proulx
a 9.075 to round out the rotation. On the bars, highlights included Sarah Darst continuing
to blow away her specialty with a 9.7, followed by Basley’s 9.65, Pysh’s 9.2, Sarah
Holensworth’s 9.05, and Krystie Tomlinson rounding out the counted scores. On the Beam,
Pysh took the lead among SoCo performers with her 9.575, Taylor Murrany picked up a 9.5,
DiPinto a 9.425, and Michelle Guillerault a 9.05. Finally on Floor, it was a bit of a
tougher scoring day for the Owls, but Erika Pysh matched her season high with a 9.825 and
Basley picked up a 9.55, Samantha Laraway continued solid appearances with her 9.25. Pysh
picked up a 38.05 in the all around, with Basley scoring a 37.125.

Ithaca College
The Ithaca College Bombers also had a mix of good news and bad news, but on the vault it
was Lauren Marcoux and Frances Ente setting the tem highs with a 9.325, followed by Rachel
Taylor and Devon Birek’s 9.25, and Emily Graber rounded out the scoring rotation. On the
Bars, Ente’s 9.55, Roxanne DeShaies 9.5 in her specialty, and Devon Birek’s 9.275, were the
scoring highlights on that event. Over on the Beam, Lauren Ferrone picked up a team leading
9.2, along with solid scores including Samatha Brawn’s 9.1, Katheryn Kaiser’s 9.05, and
Brianne Sullivan’s 9.0. Finally on Floor, Ithaca had five high counted scores including
Kailee Spusta’s 9.8, Jessica Oddo’s 9.625, Sullivan’s 9,625, Valerie Ierley’s 9.425, and
Marcoux’s 9.35.

The Engineers did not have the full services of Sophia Harrison for the second straight
meet. With teams with smaller rosters, I’ve found that generally any absence from the
lineup, and MIT has a few, will affect the overall score. MIT was only able to put 5
gymnasts on Beam, but still produced a ton of scoring highlights from the day. Julia
Zimmerman scored a 38.025 in the All Around, which put her just barely behind Erika Pysh
for the All Around title. She constructed this from a 9.675 vault, a 9.475 Bars, 9.1 Beam,
and 9.775 on Floor. With the exception of Beam, those are all season highs for her.
Kristen Watkins was MIT’s 2nd top performer on Vault with a 9.2, and also set a season high
on the FLoor. Sarah Trowbridge hit a 9.15 on Vault, and a season high 9.425 on Floor as
well. Rebecca Stavely also put up a 9.15 on Vault. Katie Mingo and Laura Kelly both set
season high’s on Bars, and Kelly added a 9.025 on the Floor. Sophia Harrison returned to
competition on the Uneven Bars exclusively. Alison Barnard scored a 9.0 on Vault and got
very close to her Season high on the Uneven Bars as well.

What this meet provides is in some respect a preview of how some of the Division 3 ECAC
Championships may shake out. Some ECAC teams have shown the capacity to score very high,
but also many are averaging close to each other, which makes for a very unpredictable and
exciting match up. While wins and losses have an amorphous quality in the regular season,
at ECAC Championships, three teams will earn the trip, there will be winners and losers,
and a variety of individual qualifications to hand out as well. For Ithaca, Brockport, and
MIT they’re going to be right in the mix. SCSU and MIT both will be at Rhode Island this
friday along with Yale. I don’t know who will compete all around at the meet but at least
in the building you’ll have some of the New England’s highest scoring AAers with SCSU’s
Pysh and Basley, MIT’s Zimmerman and Harrison, URI’s Danielle Riportella, and Yale’s Alina
Liao, Brigitte Kivisto, and Kristen Campbell.

UNH, Maryland, William & Mary at North Carolina
It was a close one in Chapel Hill as the UNC Tar Heels picked up 193.775 points to win over
UNH’s 193.6, Maryland’s 193.25, and William & Mary’s 189.025.

UNC’s Christine Nguyen, Kara Wright, and Karli Jones all put up great all around scores, as
the Heels scored especially well in Vault, Beam, and Floor though only had five gymnasts on
Bears and still posted a 47.65. Pretty much the entire roster had scoring highlights but
Nguyen had the team’s top vault with a 9.875, their top Bars with a 9.825, their top Beam
with a 9.825, and their top floor with a 9.925. Jennifer Valby had a 9.775 vault, Kara
Wirght notched a 9.75 on Vault, Bars, and Beam, as well as 9.875 on Floor. Angela Lauten
put up a 9.7 on Beam, Shawna Kelly had a 9.7 on Bars, Karli Jones a 9.7 on bars, and 9.775
on Floor, and Tina Jacob had a 9.725 on Beam.

After losing a close one to Maryland last week, the Wildcats of New Hampshire topped the
Terps with their 193.6. Like the Tar Heels, almost the entire score sheet are scoring
highlights, but here we go. Justine Turner had the team’s vault with a 9.875, Katie
Caliendo had a 9.775, followed by Helena Diodati and Rebekah Porter’s 9.75 and Chelsea
Steinberg’s 9.725. The team could only count five scores but Taryn Archambault’s was plenty
good as well. Turning to the Bars, Diodati not surprisingly scored a 9.825 to lead the
team, Porter had her second 9.75 of the day, Kelsey Alwin and Beth Bronson were third among
cats with 9.725s. On the Beam, Steinberg had a 9.8 to post the team top score, with Diodati
and Taryn LaFountain acquiring 9.7s. Finally on Floor, which was relatively scoringwise
the lowest scoring event but still was a 48, lead by Porter’s 9.8

For Maryland, despite a third place finish they had set a season high, and a lot of great
scores came their way as well. On Vualt Gretchen Kittelberg had 9.85, Lindsey Bonomo had a
9.775, and Candice King a 9.725. on the Bars, Margaux Meeks led the team with a 9.725. Over
on the Beam, Talia Tossone had a 9.85, and Brenner a 9.75. Finally on Floor Brenner had a
9.775 to lead the team with Kittelberger and Lisa Reifschneider adding 9.725s as well.

For William and Mary, it wasn’t a bad day in the score column as they’ve continued to score
189 or better in the past two meets, which an improvement up from early on in the season.
Jen Stack led the team on Vault with a 9.65, and Becca Bacharach, Tricia Long, and Megan
Vincent put up 9.625s. On the Bars, Ali Medeiros had a 9.65, and she would pick up a 9.675
on the Beam to lead the team on that event as well. Barcharach also had a 9.625 on the BB.
Finally on Floor, Long had a 9.675 for the team’s top score, Dina McNaughton had a 9.65,
and Stephanie Bevan a 9.6.

The EAGL has been a very competitive conference this year and it looks to be an exciting
push towards the end of the season as teams battle for position and regional berths.