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The Weekend in review. 2-01 – 2-03

By David F.P.

Here’s just a quick report of what happened at other meets around New England. I just focused on the New England teams due to time, but will add in more teams when I can. (Scores from Troester.)

New Hampshire set a season high mark of 193.625 at home Friday, February 1st. Very strong rotations all around with Floor being the team’s best event. On Vault, Helena Diodati had a 9.725, and Chelsea Steinberg a 9.7 to lead the team. Justine Turner returned to competition with a 9.675 followed by Rebekah Porter’s 9.625, and Diane Grey’s 9.6 to round out the counting scores.

Over on Bars Diodati continued her scoring leadership with a 9.85, Porter had a 9.775, Grey a 9.7, and Beth Bronson a 9.65. Over on Beam, Taryn LaFountain had a 9.775, Diodati a 9.725, Melissa Cesar and Keeley Smith both 9.675s, and Katelyn Schenkel a 9.6 among the five scores counted. Over on Floor, Fairen Plummer and Andie Sablosky shared the team’s top score of 9.8, Smith had a 9.75, Lindsay Kovary a 9.675, and LaFountain had a 9.575 to round out the scores.

While Vault scoring dropped slightly from last week, Bars increased, Beam remained relatively stable, and Floor shot up by a point.

Bridgeport set a season high 189.1 at New Hampshire on the 1st of February, topping their previous season high set last week at Brown by over .5. This improvement came on the Vault, and Beam, with the Floor remaining stable score wise, and Bars dropping a bit.

On vault team score was made up of Lorraine Galow led with a 9.55, Yvette Mirando had a 9.525, Hannah Forti a 9.475, Ravin Iasiello a 9.425, and Stephanie Morgan a 9.3.

Brandi Embrey was first among Purple Knights on Bars with a 9.525, Forti’s 9.425, was right behind her, with Galow’s 9.3, Leila Behbahani’s 9.275, and Carissa Huggins’ 9.1 creating the team score.

Over on the Balance Beam, Iasiello would set the standard with a 9.625, Galow put up a 9.6, Taylor Rut a 9.575, Mirando a 9.5, and Breanna Collins picked up the fifth highest score with a 9.4.

Finally on Floor, Galow’s 9.7 was the leading score, Mirando’s 9.675 was behind her, and then Morgan’s 9.425, Collins 9.4, and Iasiello’s 9.3 were the other team score components.

Bridgeport would have another meet just over 12 hours from when the UNH meet wrapped up. How that went is detailed in my UB at SCSU meet report.

Brown’s trip to New Hampshire on Friday had its low points, but also its high points. While the team score dropped from the week before, there were still individual merits to mention and Brown would pull the scores right back up to a season high two days later in Providence, but more on that later.

On Vault Brown only had five competitors, Jennifer Sobuta’s 9.475 led the team, and rookie Chelsey Binkley had a 9.425 to place second among the Bears. Stephanie Albert’s 9.325, Melissa Bowe’s 9.25, and Sarah Durning’s just below 9 score rounded out the Vault rotation, which would prove to be Brown’s best of the night.

On Bars, it was a tough rotation but Hannah Goldstein put up a 9.485. Vicki Zanelli had a 9.05, and Binkley and Rivera were just under 9.

Over on the Beam there were some struggles it seems, but Stephanie Albert didn’t that let that prevent her from setting a team high score of 9.575, with Zanelli second among Brown with a 9.45.

Finally on Floor, Whitney Diederich led the team in her only event of the night with a 9.275, with Binkley scoring a 9.2, Goldstein a 9.075, and Rivera a 9.

Things looked up very quickly two days later at home at in Rhode Island’s capital when the team score jumped 4.5 points to 186.2. The team built upon their steady vault score, and brought up the other three events, especially Bars and Floor.

With six gymnasts in the lineup on Vault, the team set their highest event score of the day. Durning had a 9.6, Sobuta 9.525, Binkley a 9.45, Albert a 9.3, and Bowe and Zanelli both had 9.075s putting everyone above the 9 mark.

Over on Bars, Zanelli led the team with a 9.525, Binkley had a 9.35, Rivera 9.3, and along with the three freshmen was Sobuta with a 9.3. Bowe would round out the top five scores on the event.

On Beam, Sobuta recovered from two days before with a big time 9.825. Albert had a 9.55, and Binkley a 9.05. Bowe improved her score from the week before, and Rivera remained steady.

On Floor, Sobuta and Albert led with 9.5s, Diederich picked up a 9.45, Rivera 9.3 and Goldstein a 9.15 to compose the improved Brown scoring result.

Sobuta also set a 38.15 in the All Around, and Binkley put together a 36.8.

Brown took on URI this weekend in that meet, and the Rams have been through quite a lot this week so far. Despite all that they took to the floor and put up a steady score in only their second meet of the season. Their 185 would be a 1.75 point drop from nearly a month ago, however, they remained steady on Vault, and Beam, though had some drops on Bars and Floor, though there have been plenty of teams with fluctuations as this report so far has already shown.

Turning to the meet with their fellow instate D1 team, URI’s Vault was led by Ananda Fraser’s 9.7. Lauren Wasilewski had a 9.65 as well. Both are improvements from last meet. Kara Machado, Danielle Riportella, Erica Heaney, Lindsay Diamond. all topped 9.2 to contribute to the rest of the score.

On the Bars, Heaney had the best ram score with a 9.55, freshman Kelsey Thompson a 9.275, Fraser had a 9.25, and Riportella 9.0. On the Beam, Jordan Ginsburg’s 9.6 was the top Rhody scoring result, Riportella had a 9.375, and Alex Tirado had a 9.35 in her lone event of the day.

Finally on Floor, the rookie Riportella had a 9.575, Fraser had a 9.55, Machado a 9.25, Casey Pereira a 9.25, Diamond a 9.125, and Lee a 9.0.

These scores represent ups and downs from the past meet, but in many cases a score drop by one URI gymnast was filled by another gymnast improving, so if they all hit at once it could be big.

As Brown was hosting URI, Yale was hosting Alaska and the Bulldogs put up a season high score of 189.25 though narrowly lost to the visiting Seawolves. Nonetheless, a season high is a good thing. They brought their score up by over .6 from last week’s meet versus Penn and improved their scoring on Vault, Bars, and Beam, though had a score drop on Floor. High scoring Brigitte Kivisto was also not in the lineup on three of four events.

On Vault Alina Liao’s 9.6 was the top Yale score, with Allison Mak scoring a 9.575, Lauren Tatsuno a 9.475, Kristen Campbell a 9.325, and Laura Lombardi a 9.3. These scores were all improvements from the week before in addition to be the top five Yale scores. Katherine Yao also vaulted her way to a 8.95 after an exhibition routine last week.

On the bars, Liao also led the team with her 9.675. Lombardi picked up second among Bulldogs with a 9.525, and Kivisto had a 9.425. Kristen Campbell hit a 9.4, and Sherry Yang rounded out the top 5 with a 9.275, and Cynthia Leung put up a 9.175. For most of the team this was an improvement from the week before in the scoring department.

On the Beam, Allison Mak had a 9.725, and Tatsuno a 9.6, with Campbell at a 9.4. All three had improved from the week before. Liao, and Yao rounded out the scoring with 9.1s each.

On the Floor, Liao scored a 9.8 and Tatsuno a 9.725, which is nothing new for either of the two, and Campbell had a 9.675 continuing her scoring run on the event. Mak improved from a week ago with a 9.5, and Yao had the fifth highest score with a 9.05.

As is true for other teams, Yale has had other gymnasts improve their scores when others have dropped, giving the team flexibility. Plus if they all hit it can be bigger than some already big scores.

MIT traveled all the way to Colorado to take on the Air Force Academy and was rewarded for the long commute with a season high score of 180.95. This is up .3 from the week before at Brown. They improved their Vault, and Beam scores, though had some lower scores on Bars and Floor.

Sophia Harrison picked up a 38.1 in the All Around, and Julia Zimmerman had a 37.375 in the AA as well.

Harrison lead the Vault with a 9.55, with Zimmerman having a 9.475. Not far behind was Alison Barnard’s 9.275, Kristen Watkins’ 9.225, Laura Kelly’s 9.15, and Rachel Tatem’s 9.125 capping off a good vault day scoring wise for the team.

On Bars Harrison’s 9.4 was the team’s best score, with Harrison having a 9.05 in what would be their toughest event of the day.

On the Beam, Harrison led the team with a 9.55 and improved her score dramatically from last week. Zimmerman bumped up her score to a 9.45, and Kelly rebounded from a tough week at Brown on this event with a 9.2.

Finally on Floor, Harrison picked up a 9.6 to complete a day of leading on all four events. Katie Mingo had a 9.425, and Zimmerman a 9.4. Sarah Trowbridge remained stable on this event as well.