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(Scores from Troester.)

Brown at Cal State Fullerton.

Brown improved by close to five points as a team, bolstered by over a 1.5 score increase on vault, and a 2 point increase on Floor, as well as a 2 point increase on Beam from the week before.

Rookie Chelsea Binkley led the team in her first all around and picked up a 36.975 to lead the team, and fellow rookie Victoria Zanelli improved her score to 36.625. Binkley’s score consisted of a 9.425 on Floor, an improved Bars score of 9.375, and a 9.3 in her first Vault competition. Zanelli had another good day on Bars with a 9.475, and also improved on her Beam and Floor scores, with a 9.35 and 9.2 respectively.

Stephanie Albert competed in three events, maintained her scoring in Floor with a 9.4, and improved on her Vault score to 9.25. Rookie Melissa Bowe picked up a 9.3 on vault.
Whitney Diederich snagged a 9.55 on Floor. Rachel Foodman had a 9.35 on Vault in her first meet of the year. Hannah Goldstein picked up a solid score on Floor improving on last week’s score. Vida Rivera matched her scoring on Bars from her first meet with a 9.25, and picked up an improved beam score of 9.225. Jennifer Sobuta had a huge day on Beam with a 9.6, and also continued a good scoring run on Floor from last week with a 9.225.

New Hampshire at Minnesota.

Although the team picked up a loss, their score was still pretty close to last week’s meet. The team did improve their Vault score by nearly a point, and also had a .5 point increase on the Beam, though there were some drops in Bars, and Floor.

Helena Diodati continued her 9.8s streak with a 9.825 on Vault, and also picked up a 9.725 on Bars. Kelsey Alwin and Katelyn Schenkel picked up another set of solid vault scores. Diane Grey also rebounded from a fall last week to pick up a 9.6. Rebekah Porter also picked up a 9.55 after a lower score from last week.

After Diodati, Beth Bronson had the second highest team vault score with a 9.6, and Porter and Alwin were right behind her. Over on beam, Keeley Smith’s 9.6 led the way, and Chelsea Steinberg, Katie Caliendo, Melissa Cesar (both with big scores improvement), and Taryn LaFountain all put up solid scores responsible for UNH’s improved score from the week before. On Floor Exercise, the team only had five competitors, though Lindsay Kovary led the way with a 9.575, Caliendo, and Porter had UNH’s 2nd and third scores.

MIT home opener.

MIT improved its team score by nearly four points, while their floor, beam, and vault scores remained stable, they picked up the rest of the score improvement on Bars entirely.

Sophia Harrison had a big scoring day picking up a 37.85 in the All Around, including a 9.725 on Bars, and a 9.4 on Vault, 9.275 on Beam, and 9.45 on Floor. These were also scoring improvements from last week. Fellow All Arounder Julia Zimmerman picked up a 37.0 up from last week and had a 9.65 on Floor, 9.45 on Vault, and 9.45 on Bars which improved from last week as well.

While Harrison and Trowbridge’s Bars scores were part of the score bump, Sarah Trowbridge’s 9.0 was also a big part. Laura Kelly, Katie Mingo, and Alison Barnard also contributed to the team scoring. Over on the Vault, Barnard, Kelly, and Kristen Watkins’ score contributed to MIT’s team effort. On the Beam, Mingo’s improved score, and Elizabeth Stavely’s first appearance on the event, went with Harrison and Trowbridge’s scores. On Floor, Stavely’s first appearance of the season in the event and Trowbridge’s score improvement went with Zimmerman and Harrison’s scoring.

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