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Volleyball UMBC vs. Providence

With some free time available to me before my actual sports job I headed down to Quinnipiac University, a small scenic campus located under the Sleeping Giant mountain in Hamden Connecticut.  I arrived to find UMBC and Providence battling out their first game as the two had obviously gone past 30. Providence was in the midst of winning their last point to win the game 34-32.  But UMBC battled back in games 2, 3, and 4 to win 3-1. It was a very hard fought match with the leads going back and forth several times.  The back and forth in the last 3 games however would eventually cease and UMBC would take some measure of control, despite the hustle of the Friars.  I must admit I’ve still got a lot to learn on all the various ways points can be scored and I hope to provide more detail as I attend more games.  Nonetheless it is exciting to watch volleyball games, it’s really a frenzied battle back and forth filled with great feats of athleticism and skill.

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