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URI, Wisconsin-Whitewater, Cortland at MIT meet report. (1-20-07)

by David F.P.

It is admittedly taking me longer than I had hoped to learn about the various teams and routines this year so my reports are somewhat devoid of content, but I do my best.

On the 20th MIT hosted a quad meet versus Wisconsin-Whitewater, SUNY-Cortland, and URI. The tricky thing about quad meets is there is usually some reason to be watching every routine, which is not easy to do. In this case, MIT and URI, both New England teams were competing (And I’m trying to build a knowledge base about New England teams.) but when will I ever see Wisconsin Whitewater again? and SUNY Cortland is a common ECAC opponent of MIT who I rarely see as well so it’s common to want to see every routine possible. At times I was recording 2 or 3 routines simultaneously. I hope to learn more about all the teams soon. It’s quite a struggle keeping track of so much, but I enjoy it. MIT is just a unique venue.

The results were

URI 184.5~(I had trouble hearing the last decimal points)
SUNY Cortland 179.325
Wisconsin-Whitewater 178.625
MIT 177.325

URI’s Kelly Gurney won the All Around. MIT’s Julia Zimmerman came in second. Gurney won Uneven Bars and Balance Beam as well. Didn’t get all the individual results I’m afraid. There should be meet releases out there by now to fill in gaps.

There were some injured gymnasts and I sincerely hope they’re all right.

There were a lot of falls at this meet unfortunately. The routines themselves look good, if they get hit I’m sure the scores will go up. SUNY Cortland has some really unique Bars work. I rarely see that many moves from one team. I’ll provide more details when I get through with the video, but I can say it’s not often I see certain moves in D3 at all, let alone several from one team. The Beam was quite a nemesis for all 4 teams today, though Whitewater had some really solid routines by the end of it. MIT’s Julia Zimmerman continues to be very consistent and put up some solid scores. MIT has some new gymnasts on board that seem to be making an impact early. Even though I’m seen them twice I’m still figuring out URI. URI Freshman Ananda Fraser did very well on the Floor Exercise though. It was a very powerful routine. I need to review the tape and see if I got some Kelly Gurney routines, she’s been scoring well for awhile now, but I don’t know if I’ve seen the routine.